A New Chapter Has Started

August 6, 2015 Jennifer's Thoughts 7

Hello lovely people of the internet and loyal followers!

Both Marianne and me are extremely sorry for our lack of participation both on our blog and the blogging community. We start college next week and we are trying to read as much as we can and schedule a lot of things as well.

I’m officially a freshmen! How dreaded it is to be at the bottom of the food chain of college… I have no idea how to even function once I start classes next Tuesday. I am both excited and terrified of all the possibilities.

This last summer has been a hectic one even though I expected it to be relatively calm. Rest is only for the dead, it seems. July was a very stressful month having to babysit my nephew at least 12 hours a day, which left me with barely any energy to make up a single sentence. I managed to do some reviews on the occasions he behaved and let me work. I wonder how mommies all over the world can do all they do (YOU GO, MOMS!). I felt horribly bad for not replying to all your comments or blog posts, even though I would read some from my phone. Life has gotten in the way of my plans far too much.

There are so many very, very hard things that come once you get into a college! Everyone used to say that the hardest part was to get in. I felt like that was the easiest. And what I still have to do once classes start…

Anyone out there that is still in high school and wants it to be over already. Please, enjoy it as much as you can because you will miss it very much once you start the whole college adaptation. Things used to be so simple. However, I look very forward to all my classes and am very happy that I’ll be studying my favorite subject and major, ENGLISH! All this, as stressful as it has been, it’s been a way of learning as well. We never cease to learn from the things that happen to us.

I am embracing this new chapter (how cliche) of my life, and I hope I can still do what I love most, which is read and write and babble about books in the blog and Instagram. Formal reviews have me in a slump, so I’ll just rely mostly on word vomiting all about my reading experience and see where that takes me. Life can become boring if you stick to straight lines.

Purpose of this post? Just babble, something I really love. And let you know that we have not abandoned the blog and don’t plan on it! We’ve both met amazing people from all over like Australia, Philippines, USA, Dominican Republic, and even our own island! Marianne and I have maintained connections with some through Instagram through our bookstagrams that has us abandoning the blog for days. Send your username so that we can share pictures!

Thank you all for your support, and I hope to get back on track soon to discuss more books worth swooning for and others that just make you cringe too. Happy reading!


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I'm Jennifer. Addicted reader, and lover of books. I'm a full-time college student majoring in English Liturature and Linguistics & Communication, with aspirations of being a professional editor. Among other things. In the meantime, I obsess over books, history, art, and politics. I believe in freedom of speech and reading whatever you want. Open to discussions about anything and everything 🙂
  • I can relate to this so much! This was me before starting my first year of college last year, too. Suddenly you have to take care of so many more things that you parents used to do for you, and it can feel like a lot of added pressure at first. But you get the hang of it like you do everything eventually! First semester for me was mostly adjustment, but once that is over I haven’t missed high school yet! (Except for the homework that I thought was “so hard” at the time!) I really enjoyed being able to go about my day the way I wanted to, and going wherever I wanted whenever I wanted — though it reverted back for a month during Winter Break. I hope you find time to read and blog during college! I know I certainly struggled with it last semester. Once in a while I had time to blog, but I never felt like I had time to pleasure read on top of assigned reading. But I’m going to try to work on it this semester!

    • Also, I want to follow you guys on Instagram! I followed you Jennifer (@everybookaworld), but I think Marianne’s link below is broken. Do you know her username?

  • Ahhh have fun at college, ladies!! I am so excited to go to college next fall 🙂 Don’t worry, we’ll be here patiently waiting for your return. Good luck<3

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  • Oh my gosh Jennifer when I first started reading this I thought you guys were going to quit! Noooo! But yes, more posts like this one right here with the babbling and stuff I am definitely down with! I’m enjoying both of your instagram posts and just keeping up to date with life. We’ll be around! <3 good luck with college!

  • Exciting! I hope you’ll both have a great school year. <3

  • All the best at university! Compared to secondary school, I found uni to be much easier. Mostly because I got to to do things I wanted to do and left all the things behind that I had to do but didn’t enjoy. Haha. So yes, seize every opportunity to pursue your interests and try new things. Above all, stay true to yourself! 🙂