A Night With A Vampire Audiobook Read by David Tennant!

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Hello everyone! October is already here. Candy and costumes special sales are beginning, and the scary vibe of Halloween is just around the corner. What are you planning for this month? Are you making plans for a party? Making a costume? Life to continue as normal? Or, like Marianne, reading a scary story?

If you don’t celebrate this festivity that’s really famous in this age, but love scary and paranormal stories, this is for you! (I have noticed I just sounded like one of those salespeople). While scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon this BBC Radio Broadcast in a David Tennant page. As some may know, I love Doctor Who and let’s not begin with Tennant… Anyhow, BBC Radio is broadcasting these short audiobooks, which you can listen to in the radio or the internet. Pretty cool huh?

Let it be because you love audiobooks, scary stuff, or just David Tennant’s voice, this is amazing. Honestly. I listened to one of the recordings real quick and I was amazed and entranced into listening the story. I couldn’t stop! It made me forget all school duties, just to know what happened next.

Here I’m leaving you the link to the BBC website with the story of A Night with a Vampire, read by David Tennant. If you want other stories, you can search them in the program schedule in BBC.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00w5fr1/episodes/guide (For the story I mentioned)

They are divided in 5 parts of about 15 minutes or so each. In BBC you have a limited quantity of time to listen to them, but I also found this place where they have the recordings so you might be able to hear them out any time.


Enjoy! 😀

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  • I wish Halloween was widely celebrated in Australia, but alas I think it goes off in the US but not anywhere else. Thanks for sharing this post!