{Audiobook} Review: Red Hill by Jamie McGuire

February 3, 2014 Book 12

Narrator (s): January LaVoy, Emma Galvin, Zachary Webber
Genre: Adult, Horror, Paranormal
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audio
Publication Date: October 1st 2013
Source: Provided by Publisher via Audiobook Jukebox
Goodreads Summary:

 When the world ends, can love survive? 

For Scarlet, raising her two daughters alone means fighting for tomorrow is an everyday battle. Nathan has a wife, but can’t remember what it’s like to be in love; only his young daughter Zoe makes coming home worthwhile. Miranda’s biggest concern is whether her new VW Bug is big enough to carry her sister and their boyfriends on a weekend escape from college finals.

When reports of a widespread, deadly “outbreak” begin to surface, these ordinary people face extraordinary circumstances and suddenly their fates are intertwined. Recognizing they can’t outrun the danger, Scarlet, Nathan, and Miranda desperately seek shelter at the same secluded ranch, Red Hill. Emotions run high while old and new relationships are tested in the face of a terrifying enemy—an enemy who no longer remembers what it’s like to be human.

Set against the backdrop of a brilliantly realized apocalyptic world, love somehow finds a way to survive. But what happens when the one you’d die for becomes the one who could destroy you?

Red Hill grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go until its stunning conclusion. This is #1 New York Times bestselling author Jamie McGuire at her unforgettable best.

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This adult book, based on The Walking Dead, tells three different stories: Scarlet’s, Nathan’s & Miranda’s. Their stories eventually intertwine, and they all meet at Red Hill Ranch to ride out the end of the world.

Those searching for a genuine zombie read won’t probably find one. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or frankly, anything zombie related, then you’ll know this story goes the same as expected: disease breaks out, the whole world collapses. The zombies or shufflers as they’re referred to in the book, “die” just like they’re supposed to, by destroying their brain. Frankly, as a science nerd, I would have liked to see more explanation, but it wasn’t given. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for romance set in an unconventional setting, then this will probably be the book for you.

I was really impatient for most of the book, because I was desperately waiting for all of them to finally arrive at Red Hill so the “real story” could develop. The story was a bit slow, but it was nice getting a sense of each character and their story while also seeing them trying to survive and whatnot.

Out of all the characters, I’ve got to say that Scarlet is so fierce! She will do anything and hurt anyone to protect the ones she loves. She doesn’t need anyone to help her, yet she occasionally accepts the help anyway.

Nathan’s story is really something. I think I enjoyed his parts the most because there was something so relatable to him!

I found Miranda to be annoying sometimes, but not as annoying as her sister Ashley was. I wanted to slap her for most of the book.

I’m not really sure why I loved this story as much as I did. If I had read it instead of listening to the audiobook, I’m sure that I would’ve rated this book much differently. January LaVoy, Emma Galvin and Zachary Webber all delivered flawless performances that captivated and amazed me from the very beginning. I could feel Scarlet’s despair, Miranda’s insecurity, and Nathan’s struggle. They made me connect with the characters and feel everything they felt in a way that I’m not sure would have happened if I hadn’t listened to the audio.

Another thing I enjoyed was the gruesomeness of the story. Hearing heads chopped off and organs hanging around definitely helped me with my “zombie fix”.

The romance in this book is sort of your typical “survival” romance; people brought together because of tough circumstances and whatnot. It was nice to see Nathan & Scarlet’s romance develop. They were good for each other.

The ending of this book definitely left you wanting, yet found a great way to close all of these stories.

Overall, this is an “end of the world” book more focused on the romance, yet has many gruesome and shocking moments along the way. Beware of the slow start, though! Also, check out the audiobook for a better reading experience! This is my first Jamie McGuire book, so I can’t wait to see what else she can do! 🙂

Rating: 4 stars

it was really good

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  • Definitely trying this one soon! I’m a big fan of audiobooks and good voices! Have you ever heard the Harry Potter’s audiobooks? They are amazing! Also The Raven Boys has a great narrator. Great review!

    • I haven’t tried The Raven Boys as an audiobook, but I have it, so maybe I’ll give it a try soon! I haven’t heard the Harry Potter ones either, so I’m definitely going to see if I can find those in my library!

  • LOL, yeah, I was reading your review and wondering why you gave it 4 stars, but sometimes that’s how it goes. We can dislike and book and love it at the same time.

    • When I thought about rating it anything lower than 4 stars, I couldn’t. And then I realized I was recommeding this book to people and gushing about it, so I came to the conclusion that I loved it xD

  • Whoa, there were sound effects of heads being chopped off? That’s definitely cool! (For a zombie story, of course.) I used to like audiobooks more than I do ebooks. I started with Harry Potter audiobooks, then reread it on eBooks. I loved the narrator on HP ones.

    • I wish there were sound effects! That would have been awesome! But no, it was more like “X person’s head got chopped off. His internal organs are dangling from his body” blah blah. (Definitely very descriptive. :D) I haven’t read all of the Harry Potter books! Gah. I will definitely check them out in Audiobook, since everyone keeps telling me how awesome they are.

      • Aww… I haven’t read this book, but I do have it. And definitely checkout HP audiobooks. Worth it!

  • I’ve been sitting on this one for a month or so but had no idea it was based off The Walking Dead lol! you definitely helped me move it up my TBR pile! I’ll pick it up when I’m looking for my next zombie fix, while TWD is on hiatus.

    • Yeah. I believe I read that in an interview the author had done about her inspiration for the novel. I’m not suffering the hiatus yet, since I’m only on season 2.

  • Nice review!

  • Alise (Readers in Wonderland)

    I’ve heard of the author, not the book so it’s great to know about it and that you liked it. I’ll for sure be on the lookout for it, maybe on audio? 😉