Court by Cat Patrick- Blog Tour & Review

November 17, 2014 Blog Tour, Book, Giveaway 8 ★★★★

Court by Cat Patrick- Blog Tour & ReviewCourt by Cat Patrick
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Young Adult
Published by Self Published on October 23rd 2014
Source: Provided by Publisher

For more than 400 years, a secret monarchy has survived and thrived within the borders of the US, hiding in plain sight as the state known as Wyoming. But when the king is shot and his seventeen-year-old son, Haakon McHale, is told he will take the throne, becoming the eleventh ruler of the Kingdom of Eurus, the community that's survived for centuries is pushed to the limit. Told through four perspectives, Court transplants us to a world that looks like ours, but isn't. Gwendolyn Rose, daughter of the Duke of Coal, is grudgingly betrothed to Haakon -- and just wants a way out. Alexander Oxendine, son of the Duke of Wind and Haakon's lifelong best friend, already grapples with external struggles when he's assigned to guard Haakon after the king dies. And commoner Mary Doyle finds whispers in the woods that may solve -- or destroy -- everything, depending on your bloodline.

Money. Love. Power. Community. What's your motivation?


I should say that first of all, this book is definitely very complex. It’s full of monarchy, secrets, conspiracies, revolutions, and revenge. While the protagonists are all teens, everything they go through is so mature. It was very well thought out and never confusing.

This book is narrated in 4 different points of view: Haakon, Gwen, Alexander, and Mary. All of these characters are connected in one way or another. I feel like the story could not have been told without any of them. My favorite narrators were by far Haakon and Mary. Haakon, because of the way his character was built; his complexity and development was amazing. Mary, because of her unflinching honesty and character. While I thought Gwen at the end developed into an amazing character, at first I could not take her seriously because she was involved in a bit of insta-love, which made her seem naive. Alexander was a character that I wished I could have read more of, because whenever his point of view appeared, I was interested in his character’s inner struggles and situations.

This story goes in so many directions! First the conflict is the death of Haakon’s father, and who might have done it, then there’s another conflict going on in Gwen’s life, then Mary discovers something which adds to the conflict, and then Alexander discovers something else. This whole book just has you reeling and passing the pages as fast as you can to figure out what’s happening.

As brilliantly written as this book is, it isn’t without it’s faults. There’s a lot of suspension of disbelief that has to go on in order to truly enjoy this book. For example, the idea of a Kingdom hiding in Wyoming, a popular tourist destination, is a bit hard to believe. As well as the thought that people could easily drive in to see it, but don’t…. It’s explained a bit with a couple of info-dumps, but I wish it would have been a bit more believable.

The ending of this book is so amazing. Everything finally comes together and it is mind-blowing. Finally all the characters come into their own, all the intentions are revealed, and everything makes sense. I am surprised and still awestruck at how many of the characters evolved into something much different from what they were at the beginning.

Overall, I can definitely conclude that this book is like Game of Thrones for a Young Adult audience. There are twists, turns, revenge, deceit, conspiracy, lies, deaths, and many, many secrets. You’ll really enjoy learning more about the Kingdom of Eurus and will want to read more once you turn the last page. Cat Patrick has really done a wonderful story.


Very nice, indeed.

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  • While Cat Patrick isn’t my favorite author of all time, I must say that I absolutely adore the plots of her stories – they’re always really fresh and unique; so I am glad to hear that is the case for Court as well. It’s a shame about the suspension of disbelief required to enjoy the story, but, other than that, it sounds like a pretty decent read. Definitely going to have to give this a try – thanks for sharing Marianne! 😀

  • I didn’t know Cat Patrick had a new one out. She’s definitely a hit or miss author for me, but I like the sound of this book already! Royalty in a secret society? I’m intrigued!

  • Hmm Cat Patrick…I’ve heard of this name before but where?! This book sounds interesting, I love fantasy but I agree…it’s going to take a lot of suspension of belief for me to come to terms with a monarchy in the middle of the US. What?! Why can’t she just have set it as an actual fantasy realm? I’m intrigued by this big ending you’ve described, will be keeping an eye out for this book for sure! Lovely review Marianne! xx

  • Hm… Personally, the synopsis definitely seems like something I’d love to read, but four POVs? I’m not sure if I can deal with that. xD Still, I love stories with monarchies, princess and princesses, so I’m definitely adding this one to my TBR. 🙂 Glad to know you’re a Cat Patrick fan (I haven’t read any of her books, sadly), Marianne!

  • Ooh this book sounds interesting! I haven’t read anything by the author, but I think I’ve heard of her. I’m a sucker for the deception, secrets, revenge, and courtly lifestyle in books. I can’t help it! It’s just so interesting and addictive 🙂 The kingdom does seem a bit outlandish; I mean come on, Wyoming? Really? I’m glad the 4 POVs work, sometimes them seem extraneous but it looks like it was necessary and worked well in this book. Lovely review, Marianne!

  • OH MY GOSH, be still my heart. Your first sentence totally sold the entire book for me, and to read on and find out that it’s like a YA version of game of thrones? Oh my gosh, I love it already. Cat Patrick’s writing is one I really enjoy as well, she definitely has a way with words. Even though I have to suspend my disbelief at times, I love the monarchy, secrets and the complex characters. Great review Marianne!

  • Sounds really interesting! I put it on my te-read list.
    Thanks for the great review!

  • FOUR different points of view? O.O Oh my, I don’t think I can. I really have a love or hate relationship with TWO so imagine four haha. Great review nonetheless!