Getting Back On Track, One Day At A Time

August 14, 2016 Jennifer's Thoughts 2

Hello lovely people from the internet! Both Marianne and I have been really out of it for the past year, and even more the last few months. Life gets in the way, to put it shortly.

The past few months have been hard in many aspects, economically, emotionally, personally, and globaly. It has been shitty. There are days I think to myself what is the point of anything we do, and why keep on doing it. There have been days where I feel lost and aimless, other days where I want to scream at the world and do all the things and do nothing at the same time.

Thank God I finished my first year of college successfully after many stressful days and nights of restlessness last May. After that, I took a vacation from everything. I didn’t give much interest to blogging and reviewing books, I slept and woke up late, and I just became an irresponsible mess. July came rolling quicker than anticipated and my days were full of babysitting my nephew. I bordered on insanity for a few weeks. However, I came to discover how important socializing can be, how it can lift your spirits when you go out with people you care about like friends and have deep conversations, or just go hunting Pokemon. Babysitting left me drained, but my friends kept me grounded through it all.

Now? College started again last week, much sooner than normal. And I’m already full of work work work and many readings to be done. But I’m happy, because I feel with purpose, with something to do rather than stare at the ceiling of my room, thinking “What do I do now?” as I so often found myself this last summer.

This has brought into my life order again, and has let me rediscover why I love blogging, why I love discussing books with people, and why it matters. I don’t want to stress myself with this as an obligation as it takes a lot of effort. If a blogger tells you this is easy, they’re lying. It’s not easy, but it makes us happy. Blogging and reviewing isn’t all about the free books, either physical or electronic. For some time I got lost in that and forgot why I even started this with Marianne.

It started because, during a difficult time, I found solance in reading opinions, both good and bad, about books I didn’t even know about, worlds and adventures still undiscovered. it let me know I was not alone in my thoughts, and I yearned for that connection with others.

What happens now? Before running, you walk, and beforethat, you crawl. In whatever aspect of life, it’s essencial to take things slowly at first, and then set the pace as you push yourself forward into more challenges. And if things don’t feel right or don’t work out, it’s always good to take a break to figure things out. Stressing will only cause more stress.

I hope you’re all good in whatever part of the world, and I’ll be seeing more or you, and you of me, soon πŸ™‚



Jennifer M. <3


PS. I feel like what I wrote above is a mess of jumbled thoughts, but I wanted to share that. A few good things can be found in messes, sometimes xD


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I'm Jennifer. Addicted reader, and lover of books. I'm a full-time college student majoring in English Liturature and Linguistics & Communication, with aspirations of being a professional editor. Among other things. In the meantime, I obsess over books, history, art, and politics. I believe in freedom of speech and reading whatever you want. Open to discussions about anything and everything πŸ™‚
  • shootingstarsmag

    Hey Jennifer- I get what you mean! Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in things and forget why you love to do something. I’m glad that school is helping you focus more and that your friends are there to help ground you and get you moving about!


  • Good luck with everything! I remember needing the structure of school to keep my life ordered. It sounds like you might be similar. I am new to your blog and looking forward to looking around.