{GIF Review} Messenger by Lois Lowry

September 16, 2013 Book, GIF Reviews 2

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Science Fiction
Series: The Giver Quartet #3
Publisher: Ember
Publication Date: August 22nd 2006
Source: Library

Goodreads Summary: Lois Lowry’s Messenger continues the quartet beginning with the quintessential dystopian novel, The Giver, and Gathering Blue, followed by Son.

For the past six years, Matty has lived in Village and flourished under the guidance of Seer, a blind man, known for his special sight. Village was a place that welcomed newcomers, but something sinister has seeped into Village and the people have voted to close it to outsiders. Matty has been invaluable as a messenger. Now he must make one last journey through the treacherous forest with his only weapon, a power he unexpectedly discovers within himself.

My thoughts:

So, after the disappointment that Gathering Blue was for me, I didn’t really expect to enjoy Messenger either. I was right not to set my expectations too high.

I can’t coherently review this book, because I think I’d be disrespectful, or wouldn’t be able to properly convey what actually went wrong with this book. That’s why I’m going to do a GIF review (basically my scape-goat ;D).

So, let us begin!

First of all, the characters:


While in Gathering Blue I expressed that I would have loved Matty’s POV instead of Kira’s… I take it back! I take everything back! Messenger gave me cardboard cutouts of characters that were so bland and generic that I don’t see how I kept reading until the end.

The plot:


I merely picked up this book because I wanted to see what happened with Jonas and Gabe after The Giver, but all I keep getting is pointless prequels and companion novels. The plot for this book sounded great, and at first that’s what it was. Suddenly I reach page 3 and all I keep getting is in-depth descriptions of how to cut and cook onions, and page after page after page of description. There’s hardly any dialogue in this book, and any other dialogue was just plain and not at all entertaining –in my opinion.

Another reviewer summed up this book perfectly: talk about symbolism with a sledgehammer…yeesh.

My reading process:



 I didn’t like the book. I wish I did. Only reason I rated it 3 stars (this is more like 2.5 stars) is because I enjoyed it a bit more than Gathering Blue.

Rating: 2.5 stars

i liked it

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