Introducing Me!

June 5, 2013 About 0

Since Marianne did her introduction, I’m gonna finish mine now…

I’m Jennifer and I have a slight love for books too… Honestly, this is me whenever I see books. It’s a weird GIF yeah…

I’ve loved books since before I was a year old. I have a picture of me taking my sister’s Christmas present books of Disney, but I’ll leave that for another post. Since my parents didn’t buy me much books, I always took from the school library. Fortunately for me, I was one of the few who took books and I had a bast selection in both Spanish and English. I got more hooked in seventh grade when I got really curious with Twilight. Like Marianne, “I’m not particularly ashamed… but I’m not very proud of it either”. From there, I read stuff on Wattpad (yay!) and started to make my parents crazy with all the books I begged to buy and stocked in my small room. I like to read just about anything. I don’t discriminate with cliches or indie. I actually like most of the books I’ve found, with the unfortunate one here or another there.

I’m becoming a Junior next August. Hopefully, I’ll be graduating soon. So soon to ending this and starting University. I’m not sure what to study. I love Literature. But my parents say that I should take something that can pay me more. But my answer is always the same, “I want something where I can be happy no matter what. If I die, I won’t take the money with me. I think I’d prefer to have little money and be happy with what I do than the other way around.”

I spend most of my time either reading, writing, or watching series on Netflix. I want to start my writing career before I finish High School to have a base if I plan to dedicate myself to be a full-time writer or English teacher. Still planning. But I keep writing with the hopes that it’ll take me somewhere worthwhile. So far I have too many ideas, drafts, and no completed book. *sigh*. Life as a writer isn’t easy, but not impossible.  I don’t go out much with friends. My friendships consists of chatting by Facebook and going out once every thousand years. Sometimes.

I wanted to do a book blog but I was so lazy it only became a thought. But my awesome friend Marianne had the amazing idea to make this and we became a team! With this, we want to share our thoughts and love for books for the avid reader inside of you, or the wandering person wanting to live more than one life in the most magical way we know, by books.

Thanks to everyone supporting us, and making this a really unique and cool experience to add in out lives.

Have an Awesome day! 😀 J signature

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I'm Jennifer. Addicted reader, and lover of books. I'm a full-time college student majoring in English Liturature and Linguistics & Communication, with aspirations of being a professional editor. Among other things. In the meantime, I obsess over books, history, art, and politics. I believe in freedom of speech and reading whatever you want. Open to discussions about anything and everything 🙂