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October 17, 2013 Features, My Perfect Boyfriend 13

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Due to college tests and work, Marianne won’t be able to post on this week. Sorry :/

Without further ado, here is Jennifer’s perfect boyfriend!

Jennifer’s Perfect Boyfriend

Sage from The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Description: 14 years old at the first book of the Trilogy. He has light shaggy hair that he keeps in his face. He has medium height and is thin. He has a big mouth that gets him into lots of troubles and doesn’t know when to shut up. He’s very stubborn, to the point of almost getting killed just to have things his way. At first he is depicted as someone who doesn’t care for anything but as the story goes on we get to see his true motives and just how loyal and self-less he can be when he wants. He is also very cunning and smart, which come handy when he gives sarcastic or smart-ass replies to people.

Why he should be My Perfect Boyfriend?: 

“My father said a person can be educated and still be stupid, and a wise man can have no education at all.”

Master Graves was incensed and said, as a punishment for my disruption, I would have to write my letters an extra ten times that day. “Ten times the better I’ll know them, then,” I said. “How strange that you should punish me by ensuring I come out more educated than Roden, who has tried to obey you.”

“You stole it from the master.” “Who stole it from me. What I did only set the universe back in order.”

“Fair enough,” I said, then a mischievous grin snuck onto my face. “So do you want to bow to me now or wait until we reach Drylliad?”

Roden smiled and cut toward me, aiming low. “I’m still better than you.”  “Perhaps, but I’m handsomer, don’t you think?”

“Sometimes I lack the talent of knowing when to speak and when to keep quiet.”

Sage isn’t really the romantic type, at least not in this book. He has so many things in his mind that love must be the least of his concerns. But he’s so awesome and asdfghjkl;’ it’s impossible not to love him. Maybe it’s not in a boyfriend way, but more like admiring. Not sure. And I’d love to keep quoting him on things that make his personality so great, but I can’t. He is a HUGE spoiler in the book I don’t want to reveal. Those who have read The False Prince will know my point. And to those who have not, he is simply perfect in the most unperfect way. (Wow that sounds so corny).

He’ll do anything to help and defend those he cares about, and do what he must because he knows it is his duty. Amazing <3 And I definitely see Logan Lerman playing him in a movie. He looks innocent and loyal, but also if he puts a mischievous look, it will be 100% Sage. Plus, he has the looks *.*

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  • Right now I don’t have a perfect boyfriend. The books that I’ve been reading have teen boys on them that will send me to prison if I crush on them! LOL!

  • That reminds me that I have to read the sequel to The False Prince! I loved that book (and so did my nephew) and the image you’ve picked out for him is perfect.

    • I want to see if once I get money (hopefully for x-mas haha) to get to buy the sequels <3 It's really cool that your nephew loved it. I'd read it to my own, but he's only 11 months old and his attention span isn't one for long books as The False Prince LOL 🙂

  • starryeyedjen29

    I still need to read The False Prince. I even have two copies on my shelf, plus the free audio from Audiobook Sync over the summer. What am I waiting for? Also, I love the name Sage. 🙂

    • I have the Audiobook from Sync, too! I started it yesterday and I’m enjoying it so far! Thanks for visiting! 😀

    • Oh I was going to get the audio book but I forgot! I would have loved to hear that amazing book <3 I hope you enjoy it once you get to read it 🙂 -Jen

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