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July 11, 2013 Features, My Perfect Boyfriend 2

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Hey everyone! My Perfect Boyfriend is a Thursday meme blog post! Don’t know what My Perfect Boyfriend is? Click here. Want to join? Just follow the guidelines and join the fun!

Get ready for this week’s perfect boyfriends, because… well you MAY just turn into a puddle after seeing these guys.

Marianne’s Perfect Boyfriend

Cooper Taylor

Description:Cooper is leanly muscular. He has tousled blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes, and an Australian accent. He’s a surf coach, which means he’s always shirtless (squeeee), and has pretty amazing biceps. He’s cocky, sarcastic and protective. Also honest, gentlemanly, and DROP DEAD SEXY. *drools* 

Why should he be My Perfect Boyfriend? 

“I love you Willow, but I can live without you. I just refuse to.”

“I’m not one of those guys who’ll use you and then tell you to fuck off, Wills. You’re with me now.”

“I’m fucked up, Cooper”
“We’ll Fix you.”

“I’m Cooper Taylor. I’m a Scorpio. I enjoy women, long walks on the beach, and my roomate says I use girly shampoo.”

“Our lips were inches from connecting. I glanced away and tried to focus on the vacationers lounged out in beach chairs several feet from his deck, but even then the sound of their radio became fuzzy, the sight of their Corona bottles clinking together became a haze. The only thing that was vivid was Cooper’s face when he tucked his finger under my chin and compelled my gaze back to his, whispering my name in that accent.”

Tidal was my first new adult book, and by far is one of my favorites from that genre. I completely fell in love with the new adult genre thanks to this book. When the author, Emily Snow, was asked who she thought was the perfect Cooper Taylor, she said it was Liam Hemsworth. I could not agree more. Liam is the perfect Cooper. Plus, Liam Hemsworth is AUSTRALIAN! He even has the cutest accent. 😀  I love Cooper Taylor and he definitely deserves to be My Perfect Boyfriend.

Cooper Taylor is from the book Tidal by Emily Snow. See my review of the book, here.

Jennifer’s Perfect Boyfriend

Caleb Jacobson

Description: Caleb is tall, broad and with tan skin. His hair is brown and shaggy, curling around his ears and forehead. And his eyes are light, blue or maybe hazel. He’s studying to be an architect and loves geometry. He can play a lot of instruments like guitar, piano, trumpet, etc. He likes to swim, and drives a motorcycle. He’s very caring of his family and Maggie. He’s very protective, funny, flirty, cocky (in a playful way), sweet, passionate and a fighter. No one dare to mess with his girl. I love how he’s always attentive of how Maggie might feel towards him and the whole soul mates situation, always having her in mind. From the moment he appeared I was a pile of mush for him. *sigh* So far, as of today, he’s in the very top five list of my perfect boyfriends.

Why should he be my perfect boyfriend:

“Aha. So, I was saved by a genius. This just keeps getting better and better,” he said grinning.

“You’re not a freak, by the way.” He leaned close and stage whispered to me. “I love to do geometry speed drills. Love it.”

“If you ever need anything; a new pair of rollerblades, a Popsicle, a kidney, it’s yours.”

“Just know, you can’t ever say or do anything to make me not want you anymore.”

“What can I say? I’ve had a lot of spare time… waiting for you.”

I pulled his face to mine with my arm around his neck. He sighed in relief against my lips at the contact and release of coiled emotions. His arms tightened and his gratefulness was all around me. He knew I was saving him with this kiss as I tried to forget the things that would have to be dealt with very soon.. but not tonight.

“Caleb, no. Please. All they have are little string bikini things in there.”   He grinned. “I know.” “Caleb,” I protested.   “What did you wear to the beach before? A smock?”

Jeremy Sumpter will be playing Caleb in the motion picture of the book! :O I saw this last Tuesday after finishing the book and started to have a panic attack, but reversed from happiness and fangirling. In my opinion, he’d make a good Caleb. Though, I imagined him a bit more like Gregg Sulkin.  But I’m not gonna complain, Sumpter still looks good. And I had a crush on him since I saw him Peter Pan… :3

Just in case, Jeremy Sumpter is the one in the first two pictures, and Gregg Sulkin the last one 🙂

Caleb Jacobson is from the book Significance by Shelly Crane.

So, these are our perfect boyfriends this week! Let us know who your perfect boyfriends by sharing the link to your post via the inlinkz icon below. Or you can also leave it to us on the comments section.

Have a great day!


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  • Awesome choices. I really need to read Tidal. Cooper sounds right up my alley!

    • Cooper will leave you breathless! He’s amazing and swoonworthy 😀 And yeah, Tidal is soo good. I loved every second of it.