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June 23, 2013 Jennifer's Thoughts 0

Hands down, my favorite movie of the year. I’ve had this thing with superman since I was a kid, and to see a movie so good as this one made me want to cry proud of it. I’ve been bothering my dad with it since I first saw the trailer last year, making comments here and there like “Oh did you know Superman comes on theaters after my sister’s b-day?” or “Did you know the movie sold $125 millions in the first weekend” (<– actual fact) so that we would go and see it. And see it we did.

There’s been a lot of things with Superman. Many say he’s not that good of a superhero because he’s a goodie two-shoes like Captain America but in DC Comics. That he’s average because if it wasn’t because of Earth’s gravity and the sun’s radiation he wouldn’t have his amazing powers. Bullshit. Superman is awesome, end of the discussion. He’s a symbol of hope, even though it’s a character made for comics to sell. But what do you say of Santa Claus? I think he’s worse, with all that selling in Christmas making a lot of people forget the true meaning of it.

But in this movie, all doubts that Superman wasn’t, well, super awesome, were DELETED.

The story was a bit different than I remember, but in a good way. Since in DC Comics they’re always adding and changing the storyline, it was okay.

I didn’t see that much romance compared to the 1978 Superman: The Movie, but for those waiting in the edge of their seats for the famous Louis Lane and Superman to kiss, your wishes will come true, in a way. Unless yours its to be on her place…  Honestly, I’d be like this.

The technology in this movie is mind-blowing. It’ll make you believe a man can fly. (haha like on the 1978 movie…) Which makes me think, American movies (I don’t from of other from other countries) like to have A LOT of explosions and destruction. If the mayhem that in this movie was were to be in real life, I’d say that more or so 1,000 people would have died. And the many wounded… wow. If a game were to come out of this movie, I’d buy it in a heartbeat (if it’s on PSP…)

Overall, it was an awesome movie. It awoke the part of me that’s really obsessed with superheroes and powers and stuff. And to write this… and a story of superheroes, or maybe a fanfic. Haha. Anyways, if you’re a lover of action movies with a bit of romance, food for thoughts, and a swoon worthy actor, you have to see it. You won’t lose your money.

And those antagonists OH MY GOD! I think they were the ones to one of the previous old superman movies, but a bit changed. Nonetheless they were amazing. The plot, the villains, how we get to see how different and misunderstood Clark Kent felt during his life, it’s amazing, mind-blowing and compelling. And it made me understand a bit more how the radiation, the gravity of Earth and all that stuff works. Plus, its a food for thoughts. While dad and I went back home we kept talking of how we’d be if we were like the people of Krypton, the powers, the effects, wow just wow.

I was with my dad watching it, and there were so many parts where I just wanted to sigh or swoon or drool at Superman…but alas, I couldn’t, unless I wanted him to be eyeing me for a week like this…

In the movie, he looks like a mix between Christopher Reeves and Tom Welling, the exact middle, and that’s just asdfghjkl;’ <3

And now, a set of gifs for how I felt throughout most of the movie, not in that same order…


 (shhhhhh Kal-El shhhhhh No one has to know you said that in the movie…)

 (<- After the battles)  (<-Something I didn’t liked happened)

  (<-During battles…)

 (<- movie in general)

it was amazing


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