{Release Day} Review: The Best Man For The Job by Lucy King

June 1, 2014 Book 1

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: June 1st 2014
Source: eARC Provided by Publisher Via Netgalley in exchange of honest and unbiased review

Goodreads Summary:

The wedding guest from her past…

For Celia Forrester, Marcus Black—her brother’s best friend—was always totally off-limits. Especially after The Night That Nearly Happened. It was years ago, but Celia remembers it for all the worst reasons! But now, Marcus is back in the picture—he’s the best man at her brother’s wedding and more gorgeous than ever!

It’s all kinds of inappropriate, but giving in to temptation looks like the best way for Celia to get Marcus out of her system. But their one night comes with consequences. And this time, it won’t be fifteen years until they have to face them…but nine months!

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Harlequin KISS titles are a big relief for me whenever I go through a catastrophic novel with disastrous instalove and ridiculous characters. No matter what ratings these books have, the romance NEVER fails (so far for me).

Celia Forrester is a workaholic that has everything going on for her as expected and planned, except for one part of her life when it comes to love. She lives trying to make her old-fashioned player dad and, as strong, great-willed, determined, smart, and independent she might look in the outside, she’s still sensitive, vulnerable, and sensually sexy in the inside. Or so thinks so Marcus Black, millionaire, bachelor, ladies man, best friend of Celia’s brother. Because of part misunderstanding, these two have detested each other through the years with snarky and sarcastic remarks to their lifestyle. Until they both meet at the wedding of Celia’s brother, and things began to heat up. In a moment of pure passion, past sexual frustration, and release, they have sex, and a month later meet up rather unexpectedly when they discover there’s a baby on the way.

This book reminded me a bit of a previous Harlequin KISS title, Waking Up Pregnant, but most of the plot when it came to the characters is different.

I liked the interaction between those two, Celia and Marcus. They were extremely sarcastic and unafraid to insult the other with their remarks. They go from lust to love in a matter of time as they begin to see the other one in a different way than before. Celia hated Marcus because supposedly he made a bet of hooking up with her. He is mad at her… because she rejected him, and he isn’t really sure. One moment she just began to treat him like that. When they decide to keep the baby, it takes a lot of work from both of them to accept themselves and the other person with all their virtues and flaws. I really liked how they got over that eventually and decided to live happily ever after.

What I didn’t like was how they did things so damn complicated. A simple thing was made into a big mess in a matter of seconds when with a few words and clearing up it could’ve been solved and dealt with. But they both seemed to like drama a bit. Can’t blame them though, I can be a bit of a drama queen myself at times.

The other things I disliked was the end. It felt too sudden with them making up as expected, and that was it. No forward to the future to see how they were, no more kissing, no more toes curling romance I would’ve expected for the end.

In general, the story was nice and delivered as expected. It was romantic, funny, frustrating, and just about what I needed, a dose of romance to make up for the stupidity I found everyday more often in some YA titles. I wonder if this is just the beginning of me being one of those housewives always reading romance novels… *shudders*

Rating: 3 stars

i liked it

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  • I think most books like these can be quite mediocre, especially when a simple mess can be cleared up right away. I used to like a bit of drama, but I don’t want to drag simple things. This book MAY frustrate me, but I do like the romance 😀