Review: Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols

July 28, 2014 Book 27 ★★★★

Review: Biggest Flirts by Jennifer EcholsBiggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols
Genres: Friendship, Love & Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult
Series: The Superlatives #1
Published by Simon and Schuster on 2014-05-20
Source: Edelweiss
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Tia and Will’s lives get flipped upside down when they’re voted Yearbook’s Biggest Flirts in this sassy novel from the author of Endless Summer and The One That I Want.Tia just wants to have fun. She’s worked hard to earn her reputation as the life of the party, and she’s ready for a carefree senior year of hanging out with friends and hooking up with cute boys. And her first order of business? New guy Will. She can’t get enough of his Midwestern accent and laidback swagger. As the sparks start to fly, Will wants to get serious. Tia’s seen how caring too much has left her sisters heartbroken, and she isn’t interested in commitment. But pushing Will away drives him into the arms of another girl. Tia tells herself it’s no big deal…until the yearbook elections are announced. Getting voted Biggest Flirts with Will is, well, awkward. They may just be friends, but their chemistry is beginning to jeopardize Will’s new relationship—and causing Tia to reconsider her true feelings. What started as a lighthearted fling is about to get very complicated…

Someone help me, I’m still grinning like a fool.

I’ve said this before, but Jennifer Echols is my go-to author for when I want a light, fun, read. With Biggest Flirts, she made me ignore everything and everybody until I read every single page of this book.

You know when you’re watching a romance movie and all of a sudden there’s this montage with happy, upbeat music that fast forwards the couple through different situations so at the end of the 2-minute montage they’re in love? Well, this book is kind of like the parts the montage wanted to skip.

I loved it! I loved seeing Tia & Will flirting with each other, and laughing, and finding excuses to touch each other, and just getting to know each other, and even falling for each other in the process. They basically started off as some very complicated friends (it was lust at first sight), but along the way they found a way to co-exist.

They had to find a way to get along because they would be standing next to each other in Marching Band practice all the time, which lead to more flirting and overall cuteness. I was giggling and smiling most of the time I was reading this.

Tia as a character is pretty flawed. But she’s also pretty awesome. Tia is guarded and insecure because she’s seen what love does. Time after time she’s seen people in her life get screwed over by falling in love, so Tia decides never to do so. I loved seeing her inner struggle between opening up to Will and pushing him away. I also loved that she had depth as a character. Also, Tia is Puerto Rican! * fist bump *

Will is a cutie. I wouldn’t call him perfect boyfriend material, but his adorable Minnesota accent was enough to win me over. Will was kind of annoying at first, but maybe this is just me. I was mad that he wanted to date other people, but kept flirting with Tia. I loved that Tia just came right up and called him on this.

The reason Will & Tia are so good for each other is the fact that they both see through each other’s pretenses. They’re not afraid to say what they really think, and they ultimately make each other better.

The fact that this is the first book in a series that revolves around the Superlative titles is great because it gives way to develop characters that you came to love in this installment.

The only reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars (like I initially wanted to), is because I guess I’m getting a bit older (and wiser, hopefully), so I realize that the drinking, drugs, and friends with benefits aspect that was mentioned at first didn’t really sit well with me. Once it was dealt with and resolved, my enjoyment for the book increased.

Overall, if you’re looking for a book with absolutely none of that insta-love nonsense, then please, pick this up! You’ll be smiling and fangirling just like I was.

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  • I’ve heard about this Superlatives series and I definitely thought it sounded like a cool premise! Good to know that you liked the MC, and I think it might be refreshing to read about an MC that isn’t reserved and clueless around boys, because pretty much every other MC in YA is. This will probably be my go-to if I need a light read!

    • Yes! That’s one of the things I liked the most about Tia. We didn’t waste time on shyness and whatnot. Hope you enjoy it, Lina!

  • I thought this one was super cute as well! It definitely felt like a romantic movie. ^_^ Tia was definitely flawed, but I got the “real teenager” vibe from her. I can’t wait for the next installments, especially the third one because, well, Sawyer! <3

  • There’s nothing more satisfying than reading a book that makes the entire world disappear! I hate insta-love, so I’m happy to hear that Echols avoids that trope. Lovely review, Marianne! 🙂

  • I’m adding this to my list!! I’ve never read anything by Echols before, but this one sounds really good! Awesome review!!

  • I love that cover so much…The girl looks exactly like Emily de Ravin (Belle in Once Upon a Time!) Woho for her being Puerto Rican.^^ I love different cultures in books! OH, the drinking, drugs and benefits I don’t like that…Hum…I will still try it out because it does look cute and love the cover. Great review! 😀

    • Oh gosh, that’s true! I love Belle in OUAT! Although I haven’t seen season 3 so I’m not sure if she changes xD I was so surprised when it was revealed she was Puerto Rican. I thought she would be Mexican like all other Spanish speaking people in books. At least it was different 🙂 Yeah with its faults it’s still a cute book 🙂 Thanks, Lola.

  • My cousin Dia loved this too! I’ve never read a book from the author but I’ve been hearing good things about this book. I mean, the cover itself is fun. And Tia sounds so different from the normal YA heroine, and she’s not afraid to call Will out on his actions and I really that! And no insta-love! Yes!

    Lovely review Marianne, I will definitely check this out now since I’ve been seeing positive reviews everywhere. When I’m in the mood for something fun and easy, with proper character development, I will definitely pick this up. And yay for Tia being Puerto Rican 🙂

    • Woo! So glad your cousin loved this one, too! Tia is very different because she’s more… outspoken than other typical heroines. It’s very refreshing. The romance had me grinning from ear to ear. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this if you read it, Amir!

  • I think I’d like this book! It sounds adorable and there’s no insta-love (thank god)!! I’m trying to read more contemporary so this is another I can add to my list :) I’m so glad Will and Tia aren’t afraid to say what they’re truly thinking. It saves so much time and annoyance in novels :) Lovely review, Marianne!

    • Yess! Novels would be about 100 pages shorter if people actually said what they were thinking! Thanks, Rachel! 🙂

  • Yep, that’s what Jennifer Echols do-leave you grinning and feeling fuzzy inside after reading her book. I love a fully-developed romance and it gives me comfort that this one doesn’t have an insta-love in it! I haven’t gotten a copy of this but hopefully I’ll be able to get one soon. Great review!

  • I suck at flirting (is that even a thing lol) so I really wanted to see how Tia and Will flirt!! Yay for non-instalove!!! <3 Like your reason at the end, as I get older too those "issues" make me edgy. I hope to read this in the future! 😉

    Fantastic review!

    • I suck at flirting, too! (I mean is there even a method for it? xD) anyways, yes, their flirting is really cute. Hope you enjoy it!

  • LOL, I’m distancing myself at this book, I don’t know why. But I really like the cover and your review helps! And I’ve seen awesome reviews as well. You also made me excited to meet Will. =))An no Insta-Love?! Yes please!

    • The cover is just so cuteeeee. Anyways I don’t blame you. Some people don’t really sympathize with Tia. Will is an annoying cutie xD

  • I’m not really a fluffy-chick-flick kind of reader…buuut, then you go and post a review like this and I WANT TO READ IT. I do like to laugh, and this sounds like it has some adorable character interactions. I totally understand the “eh you guys are so young and cute and making dumb decisions” and only giving it 4. I’ve found myself doing that a bit lately. OMG, I better not be getting to old for YA. *tracks down Peter Pan and demands eternal youth*

  • This sounds like a totally adorable romcom and glad you really shipped the couple and enjoyed it Marianne! I’m so glad I’ve found the time to visit your blog, I missed it.

  • Awww. I’m so glad you loved it! I don’t know why I haven’t read my copy yet. But your review convinced me!

  • Awww sounds like such a cute story! I really love the whole falling in like/love part of stories, and this one sounds like a really good book to read. I haven’t read any of Echols’, but now I’m curious 🙂

    Have a good week! 🙂