Review: Brazilian Bracelets: Making Friendship Bracelets & More

July 13, 2014 Book 3 ★★

Review: Brazilian Bracelets: Making Friendship Bracelets & MoreBrazilian Bracelets: Making Friendship Bracelets & More Genres: Crafts, Non-Fiction
Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd on February 28th 2014
Source: Netgalley
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If you love making meaningful gifts for friends or just desire a stylish accessory that doesnt break the bank, this book is a must-have. Instructions for making Brazilian bracelets of various shapes and sizes are included, decorated with crosses, zigzags, diamonds, dots, and even fish, and adorned with beads and charms. In all, there are more than twenty projects and seventy-five different variations of bracelets, hair braids, and wraps shown, with step-by-step instructions. Intricate drawings, photos, and suggested color combinations guide you through the process. From quick and simple braids to more intensive and elaborate crisscross wraps, you may choose a creative path to follow or just let your imagination take over. Alter the suggested designs in order to make key chains, napkin rings, eyeglass straps, or even belt loops. Children and adults will enjoy creating new, exciting, and sometimes unexpected items. The necessary materials are inexpensive and easy to find.

Maybe it’s an hereditary thing, but in my family us three women (Mom, Big Sis, and me) are always doing crafts things. Anything to do with hands and creating, basically. Bags, bracelets, jewelry, stitching, crochet, scrap booking, knitting, paint, and a lot more. Not all of us do all, but between us three we do a lot of stuff from time to time. My sister and mom used to do these cool bracelets and I knew how to do basic stuff, never really getting really deep into it.

This How-To-Do book really attracted me because I’ve always wanted to do the kind of bracelets from the cover. Having known how to follow instructions of the sort, I requested it on Netgalley and got everything ready to start crafting. It wasn’t as easy as it looked.

The bracelets were gorgeous, that I’ll give. The first few ones looked really easy with simple braiding of three or four strings. There were also thin bracelets and very thin ones before we started with the brazilian ones, kind of like preparing you for the best. They all looked awesome, but I failed to do even one. The bracelets I managed to do were because I knew already how to do them, and the one I got half-way through, well, I stopped because when I showed it to my mom she told me I was doing it wrong, hence why it was curling when it wasn’t supposed to curl!

This happened because the instructions weren’t clear. There were really not that much of instructions. Each bracelet had one to two pages, in which they tell you which materials you’ll need, and show you pictures of how the bracelet is done. At first they seem simple, but as you go, there are no more instructions. It just left me on a limbo to deal with the rest of the strings however I could. I know how to do a few things, but I wonder, how would a beginner feel with a book like this? They wouldn’t want to do bracelets ever again in their lives!

I felt really let down because there were so many I wanted to do for my friends! In the end, my mom told me she knew how to do them because she learned when she was a kid, and told me she’d teach me.  *exasperated sigh*

The book in general looked good and presentable with cool pictures, structure, and attractiveness. My only problem was the instruction part. And if that part doesn’t work, well, there’s no point to doing the bracelets because you just won’t be able to.

Rating: 2 stars

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