Review: Edward Scissorhands Volume 2: Whole Again by Kate Leth & Drew Rausch

December 27, 2015 Book 2 ★★★★

Review: Edward Scissorhands Volume 2: Whole Again by Kate Leth & Drew RauschEdward Scissorhands Volume 2: Whole Again by Kate Leth, Drew Rausch
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comics & Graphic Novels, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Published by IDW Publishing on November 3rd 2015
Source: Netgalley
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After settling in with Megs and her family, Edward becomes curious about a television "miracle doctor" named April Wells, and enlists the help of friends and townspeople to send her a homemade audition tape. While Megs struggles with her uncertainty about the whole situation, Edward has a quiet hope that, maybe, she could help him.

After cleaning and fixing the castle with the help of his new friends, Edward becomes quite glued to the marvelous TV. Here he discovers of a Doctor April Wells that fixes people who have physical difficulties, things no other doctors would be able to fix. After much insisting from his part, Dr. Wells gets interested in Edward and asks to have him on her show, but what he and co. don’t suspect is that this doctor is more than what meets the eye at first glance.

Like I mentioned in my review of the first Edward Scissorhands volume, I love this comic mainly for the art. It is so weird and pops right out of the page in a very Tim Burton-esque style. Full of colorful blocks, designs, and past characters we all love, even if you don’t like the story, you’ll probably love the whole art of it.

In this second volume we’re able to see how many side and main characters from the previous volume get accustomed to Edward and his hands, creating friendships that are very benefitial to both. And what I loved the most at the end was that we get more backstory on Kim and Edward after she gets married, how it it affected her own family, and how kind Edward was to tell her she had a family to get back to, that he loved her (squeal!) and many more things you’ll be able to read here. It was so sweet and interesting to know about these things that we wouldn’t have known after the movie. Just a few little what-ifs.

Dr. Wells was one creepy character. A very manipulative, crazy, fame crazy, money hungry, weird witchy person. I didn’t like her at all, but her character served well to emphasize on Meg that how you look isn’t the most important trait a person can posses. Plus her wrong-doings got Meg and Edward closer yet (yay).

Overall, it was an easy and enjoyable read, and I’m a complete fan of these. I can’t wait for the third one!

Rating: 4 stars

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