Review: Into The Night by Suzanne Rigdon

December 2, 2014 Book, Reviews 2 ★★★★

Review: Into The Night by Suzanne RigdonInto The Night by Suzanne Rigdon
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Gothic, Love & Romance, Paranormal, Romance
Published by Spencer Hill Press on December 2nd, 2014
Source: Netgalley
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When Selina Baker, a coordinator for a Boston non-profit, goes out on the town with her friend Jess, she never expects to meet the man of her dreams. And she certainly never expects him to be undead.

When things go from flirty to majorly flawed on her first date with James Lawton, he is forced to save her the only way he can--by killing her. Selina suddenly finds herself in the mix with the creatures she thought were made up solely for late-night TV. Into the Night follows Selina’s transformation from a wallflower into an impulsive and dangerous new vampire. With no choice in the matter, Selina becomes trapped between a new man, his wary brothers, and his cruel and controlling Queen, who wants nothing more than to watch her suffer. Selina must walk the fine line between adjusting to her new powers, life after death, and following the rules--all while avoiding disaster.

I requested this book with no idea of when I would read it, impulsive request that is added to the long list of waiting to-read books. Yet from the very first sentence, I was hooked to no end. I wasn’t planning on even reading anything for a while because I was really stressed with school works I had to do. Because of this it’s taken lately really, really good books to grab me strong enough as to risk reading them between classes, and this book did it. I found myself grabbing my phone while I was typing some work and read instead about this sexy man who swept this girl off her feet and into the world of vampires.

Selina Baker works for a non-profit organization in Boston where she lives alone. She’s often daydreaming of her boss declaring his undying love to her, but instead she is met with the man of her dreams while trying out the new hottest club with her bestie. One look was enough to ensnare her with his good looks, humor, and everything else she wants. It’s all turning out too perfect to be real. But everything turns upside down when their first flirty date turns on the wrong side and the only way to save her is by turning Selina into a vampire. She’s thrust into a life of living in the night as a monster, a beast hungry for blood, and leave her old life behind. Plus the evil queen bitch of vampires wants to kill her because she stole the heart of one of the queen’s love pets.

I’m a sucker for vampire stories, pun not intended (well, maybe after I wrote it did I notice lol). I simply love the whole concept of dark creatures who roam the night and drink the life essence of us living humans.

World-building and setting: The world building was limited to what was happening in that moment in the story. Once Selina is turned into a vampire, most of the story centered on what she did in her new life as a vampire and how this would put her deeper into the queen’s bad side as an excuse to be killed soon. I loved knowing some of the Queen’s background, but was a bit unsatisfied when the author didn’t elaborate more on how she became queen, why was a queen like her necessary, how did vampires came to be, that stuff. If I were a newly turned vampire I’d be asking the heck out of my maker with questions of every single thing. But maybe that’s just little ol’ curious me. However, the setting of the whole story was amazingly detailed and nice. I’ve never been to the United States, but it was very easy to imagine Boston how the author described without the necessity to Google the sites and see them for how they are. Enough details were given for me to play with and my brain to fill out the rest with no excessive description dumps that much too often distract me from the story, and I was really grateful for that. Short attention span here…

Selina was a pretty simple character, and I liked that about her greatly. Not all heroines are badasses with complex as heck qualities about her and her life. She responded accordingly to what was happening to her as a newly turned vampire, and I loved how she had internal debates over what her human mind told her was wrong but her vampire hunger desired and praised and hungered for more. It was like I was literally inside the mind of a vampire.

The other characters, other than the sexy hunky vampire James and the Evil Queen Bitch, were meh at best. They were there and had their things and all, but I didn’t relate much to them. Compelling, but not as developed as the ones aforementioned. But I ignored this after a while because the story wasn’t centered on them, so whatever. Give me more James and I’m happy. Though I really hope we get to know a bit more of them, like James friends and the Queen’s *BEEEEEEEEP* (spoiler) other person in the next book.

Now, what I’ve been hoping to rant about since I finished the book. The ending.

That GIF? That was me in the end. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean, author if you’re reading this I’m sorry… I loved the ending. I mean, I WAS SO HAPPY BY WHAT HAPPENED. But my main and utmost problem that made this book lose one star in rating was how it ended ended. Okay so here’s what happened. Selina did ssomethingsuper badass and for whatever reason, she and vamp crew with James have to leave pronto. And they do. They meet with someone, we know a shocking truth. And it ends. There. When I kept moving my finger across the screen, I found nothing. No more chapters. I was like WHAT NO NO WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! I felt like it needed one more chapter, to leave a kind of closure but expectation for a plan of action to be executed for the second book. But it was like someone ripped out the last pages from my galley. And while I might not be an expert on this, I felt like it was something poor. It could have been done a bit better. I was left hanging and not in a good way. Would I read the second book? Heck yeah. But I was highly disappointed with how the author finished it, and I hope she compensates with the next one.

So, overall, it was an amazing read, regardless of how it ended (though that wounded my reader-author trust a bit). Suzanne’s writing style was rich in descriptions of the dark vampires with hints of romance and humor just in the right places. I couldn’t stop reading for just one bit, and left me wanting more. A great debut book for new author Suzanne Rigdon, and I hope to be able to read more of her books in the future.

Rating: 4 stars

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  • This book sounds frustratingly good! I love reads like that, when you don’t know whether to hug your kIndle (or book) or throw it across the room. Lol.

  • Woah, this sounds like a pretty awesome vampire read and romance Jen! That ending sounds like it really did end suddenly, I wonder if it’s worth messaging the author? I’ve heard that happen to someone before and turns out the file was incorrectly loaded lol! Great review, hope you’ll be able to read more.