Review: The Cadence by Casey Hays

August 5, 2013 Book 0

Title: The Cadence

Author: Casey Hays

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

Publisher: Grumpy Dragon

Publication Date: November 17th 2012

Source: Ebook copy provided by author via group We ♥ YA Books! 

The Cadence

Goodreads Summary: 

Emma King’s life is fairly ordinary, with the exception of one extraordinary aspect. She is plagued with the rare ability to feel a person’s emotions with a simple touch. Any sensation she feels becomes amplified to almost unbearable levels. Emma has learned to keep her hands to herself and her emotions under wraps.​

But when quiet, good-looking Gage Parmer moves to town, everything changes, and for the first time in her life, Emma loosens the chains that hold her emotions in check and prepares herself for the whirlwind that is to come. Mysteriously lacking in emotions, Gage tells Emma an incredible story that pulls her into his world of impossibilities. At first, she refuses to believe. But when she puts his words to the test, she discovers that his world is also hers. ​

Soon she will be forced to use her ability in an attempt to destroy an ancient evil that has defied death and ruled the centuries in a reign of terror.

They are called… The Cadence.​​

In the end, she has only one weapon and one chance to defeat the Cadence, break their circle of power, and restore hope.

My Thoughts:

I like superpowers and all things related to having abilities out of the ordinary. And this book made it to the list of my favorite including those.

In most stories where the heroine has one of these strange abilities, the most common thing is that she likes her power, embraces it, either because she’s had it her whole life, or has recently acquainted it. But Emma is very different in that aspect, going to the point of almost fearing what she can do. Also in a lot of stories with people that have special abilities, they are very bizarre and completely in the fictional world. Here Casey Hays stays with something more simple. She uses powers of the five senses, plus one. Smell, Sight, Touch, Sound, Taste, and the Six Sense or Third Eye. I found it all to be well explained and interesting to know more about. Really liked it 🙂

The plot and writing style were amazing. There was a mix of mysteriousness in the story as things developed slowly or fast, depending on the situation. I admit there was a point where I got a bit bored because the passing felt dragged on, but after two days of letting the book rest, I had to keep reading fast to know what was going to happen. I couldn’t get enough information, not until the story ended, which at a point I didn’t because it was so good. And the plot twists, wow, they were so unexpected and very much welcomed when they came. And the mysteriousness GOSH! I kept guessing all over the book what was each character’s paper, who was the bad guy, who could be a traitor, and who was Emma’s dad. Amazing.

The characters were easy to know. There are times in some books where I simply forget how each character looks like, how they behave in some situations, that kind of thing. I know only the basic outline of them, mostly because there are a lot. But here each character is presented on their own accord, not all at once. And they leave in you a mark, something shocking that guarantees that you do not forget them. They were funny, infuriating, dreamy, frustrating, people I’d love to know in real life. At least the people who are in Emma’s circle, Gage, Emma’s friend, and her dad. Cos the other weird and bad people nuh-huh stay away.

For being Casey Hays first debut novel, she did it really well. The story was easy to get sucked into, to feel what the characters were feeling, to suffer for them, to laugh with them; all very vivid and amazing. Unfortunately, I have no idea of there will be a sequel to this book, or anything related to the abilities topic. If there are, I’d love to read it because this book was beyond to what I expected. it not only delivers an entertainment, but a message as well. To accept yourself and everything about you, to be yourself, to embrace it; that you aren’t defined by your parents actions and if you don’t want to, you don’t have to follow them; to follow what you truly believe in with your heart.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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