Review: The Deal by Elle Kennedy

June 17, 2015 Book 1 ★★★★½

Review: The Deal by Elle KennedyThe Deal by Elle Kennedy
Genres: New Adult
Series: Off Campus #1
Published by Self Published on February 24th 2015
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She’s about to make a deal with the college bad boy...

Hannah Wells has finally found someone who turns her on. But while she might be confident in every other area of her life, she’s carting around a full set of baggage when it comes to sex and seduction. If she wants to get her crush’s attention, she’ll have to step out of her comfort zone and make him take notice... even if it means tutoring the annoying, childish, cocky captain of the hockey team in exchange for a pretend date.

...and it’s going to be oh so good.

All Garrett Graham has ever wanted is to play professional hockey after graduation, but his plummeting GPA is threatening everything he’s worked so hard for. If helping a sarcastic brunette make another guy jealous will help him secure his position on the team, he’s all for it. But when one unexpected kiss leads to the wildest sex of both their lives, it doesn't take long for Garrett to realize that pretend isn't going to cut it. Now he just has to convince Hannah that the man she wants looks a lot like him.

“Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don’t know how you ever lived without them.”

The first thought in my mind while reading this book was it’s going to be a great summer read! I was looking for specific traits in my next book: college setting, bad boys, and a bit of conflict…and this one right here filled each wish easily!

Hannah is obsessing over a football jock, Kohl, but the problem is he doesn’t notice her. She’s not really in the ‘popular circle’ or even into sports to make a connection. Hannah’s past holds her back from fully living the wild out college life. She finds herself holding back not only in the fun but in a relationship.

The most popular bad boy Garrett Graham star hockey player-heart throb just failed his midterm and needs desperate help. Hannah with an ‘A’ is a perfect candidate! Now how can he pursue her in tutoring him-no other than enlisting his own skills of being popular and a date! What these two opposites don’t expect is their growing feelings.

“Do you high five yourself?”
“Of course not,” I smirk. “I kiss each of my biceps and then point to the ceiling and thank the big man upstairs for creating such a perfect male specimen.”

I loved the duos chemistry! They were fun and exciting to read about. The snarky and comical interaction between Garrett and Hannah had me cheesing to myself a hand full of times. Steaming scenes had me blushing but was not too serious with both of their theatrics with each other. Bonus point the setting is in Massachusetts!

It was not an instant love but a well-built connection that I loved seeing come together.

The first half of the book was filled with sarcastic humor that made me really like this book. Garrett character was different from what I would have thought he would be by the summary – in a great way different. The authors build up of his character was spot on – loved him! I’ve could of read a lot more on his perspective alone.

“Unbelievable. Every girl at this college would cut her frickin’ arm off to help me out. But this one? Runs away like I just asked her to murder a cat so we could sacrifice it to satan.” -Garrett

More than mid-way into the story, the book takes a turn slowing the pace down. I think the ending was to easily wrap together. One of the conflicts in this story is based on a strong subject. The author takes a very different approach in handling the situation and doesn’t have Hannah be a victim but more accepting. I’m not sure if the topic was made to lightly based on its nature. For me, I thought it could have been taking in a more careful approach. This is the only reason for the bump in rating.

Garrett is an apartment with three hot single dudes that I’m thinking are going to have their own tale to tell. Sure enough, book two is on one of the roomys Logan! (note- add to kindle) Not only for the waiting bad boys to come but I loved the author’s style in writing and just the perfect material for summer reads!

“Okay, get changed. We want to be fashionably late, not asshole late.” – Garrett

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