Review: The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard

July 28, 2013 Book 2

Genre: New Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Series: The Danaan Trilogy, #1
Publisher: Finding Bliss Publishing
Publication Date: April 28th 2013
Source: ARC provided by Author

Goodreads Summary: 

Allison O’Malley’s plan is to go to grad school so she can get a good job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She has carefully closed herself off from everything else, including a relationship with Ethan, who she’s been in love with for as long as she can remember.

What is definitely not part of the plan is the return of her long-lost father, who claims he can bring Allison’s mother back from the dark place her mind has gone. Allison doesn’t trust her father, so why would she believe his stories about a long forgotten Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan? But truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother’s sanity.

My thoughts:

What first drew me to The Forgotten Ones was the beautiful cover. I mean, how many indie books can you find with beautiful covers? This cover is absolutely breathtaking.

Reading The Forgotten Ones is always a great experience. You find interesting mythology, great characters, and swoonworthy moments, all wrapped up with great writing, and not to mention irish accents.

This book tells the story of Allison, a 22 year-old girl, who’s only concern is taking care of her schizophrenic mom. She doesn’t have time to worry about hanging out with her friends, much less to think about Ethan, the guy whose grin makes her heart melt.

“I hated the way my pulse spiked at just the mention of his name. Handsome, cocky Ethan. His smile had the power to break down every one of my defenses.”

Add her long-lost father to the equation, a ridiculous story about the Tuatha de Danaan, and danger around every corner, and Allison may be looking at an experience she wishes would never have happened.

Everything was so well developed in this book. The mythology wasn’t overwhelming; it was easily explained. Although it wasn’t as much as I’d wanted to hear about, it was still nicely explored in the book. I enjoyed the fact that this book didn’t BORE us with informational overloads, but rather visually explained to us about the Danaan.

Our main protagonist, Allison, is so easily relatable. We could really feel how she had to struggle within herself to keep everything together.

“I tried to smile… but inside I was struggling with the gratification of being able to bring my mother down from her episode versus the pang of guilt for being the one who caused her condition in the first place.”

I enjoyed reading about the secondary characters, especially about Saoirse and Deglhan (perfect specimens, you), Aidhen (I have a special spot in my heart for you ^.^), and Aoife* (the villain that I just love to hate). Each character brought something different to this story which was easy to admire.

I cannot stress how much I swooned for Ethan. Ethan made me want to smack Allison upside the head and yell at her for being so stubborn! Ethan is great, albeit a player at times, but a guy whom you could easily fall for.

“His lips just brushed against mine, soft as a feather. He brought his hands up and cradled the back of my head. So gentle. His lips moved against mine-not taking, only asking.”

Laura Howard’s writing is very captivating. You have no idea how many times I had to stop reading, and actually highlight whole paragraphs, before passing the pages.

“Beyond the briars and thorns, the ground was covered in dry, brown grass that crackled when we walked over it. Trees with no leaves dotted the landscape, their limbs reaching up to the sky in a silent plea for mercy. The ground turned rockier, and the trees were replaced by stout bushes that resembled steel wool.”

Overall, this book accomplished so much in 197 pages that at the end you’re left breathless and waiting desperately for more.

*Check back soon, to see an exclusive character interview with Aoife!

Rating: 4.5 stars

really liked it

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  • Breathless, highlighter inducing, swoon worthy? This sounds great and I do love that cover. You’re right, indie novels often get shoddy covers (but if I love the book and then it gets re-released with a shiny new cover I often long for the old one – I get attached! lol). Cool review.

    • Happens to me too! I get used to the old cover even when the new one comes out.