Review: The Powerpuff Girls #1 (Powerpuff Girls Vol. 2 #1) by Troy Little

February 16, 2014 Book 4

Genre: Comics, Children’s, Classics
Series: The Powerpuff Girls #1
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publication Date: April 29th of 2014

Goodreads Summary:

The Powerpuff Girls are back in this all-new adventure by Troy Little! There are some strange things going on in Townsville. The villains are villains no-more and are teaming up with the heroes? It’s a good thing Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are still around — just in case!

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I’m not sure if this was a complete copy or an excerpt, but I loved it. This comic is a must-read for fans of The Powerpuff Girls. I remember watching the show in Cartoon network when I was younger, and even a few months ago in Boomerang. I miss those times. And the comics too! They were awesome, and after reading this I felt like a kid all over again laughing at what was happening and being suspicious of the classic villains.

The comic’s story centers first on Mojo Jojo, the all too smart primate with the intellect higher than any other being on earth. Though somehow he is always defeated by the Powerpuff Girls. With his brains being a burden more than a privilege by then, he decides to get a treatment of Antidote X, which will make him be a normal monkey once again before the accident that made him how he is. The Girls give him a second chance because everyone deserves forgiveness. But one of the villains decided to test this forgiving attitude by taking the other villains as puppets in a show where they are good before they strike the Girls when they least expect it.

The art is really good and looks as if it was done years ago instead of recently in how much it looks like the classic show. The colors, the story, the characters! All of it was amazing, like taking a boat towards childhood valley. I was quite let down that it was so short, would have loved it more if it was more quantity. But as I mentioned before, it was probably just an excerpt. And they left me in a big cliffhanger! That wasn’t fair, nuh huh.

If you’re an old person with the soul of a kid, this comic is for you. If you have kids, buy this to them and let them soak in the wonders of classic Cartoon Network and the amazing Powerpuff Girls. They’ll thank you when you’re older. Trust me on this.

Rating: 5 stars

it was amazing
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  • My favorite is Bubbles and I memorised their opening song. I used to watch this when I was young. I didn’t know they have a comics now.

    My favorite villain would be Him and Gang Green Gang! Well, Mojojojo is also okay but he’s always there plotting evil things that I grew tired of him.

    • I used to say I was Bubbles and I too memorized the song! Good times :’) I think there’s always been comics but weren’t promoted as much as one would want, like Marvel and DC.

      AHA! That’s the villain I didn’t know its name. HIM! I disliked how evil he was but in this comic I learned to appreciate him a bit more (or she? I was always confused .-.) My favorite was Mojo because my dad used to imitate him, but I admit his evil plans were boring after a while.

  • Sounds completely adorable! I’m glad you’re reading some comics now, I really enjoy the ones that I have read. The Powerpuff girls one sounds like it’d be great if you were a fan of the show and wanted more. Lovely review!

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