Review: The Princess Bride by William Goldman

May 6, 2014 Book 12

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Young Adult, Classics
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Though it’s also been publisher by Del Rey,  Ballantine Books, Bloomsbury, among others through the years)
Publication Date: October 8th 2007 (first published 1973)
Source: Own eBook Copy

The Princess Bride

Goodreads Summary: 

A tale of true love and high adventure, pirates, princesses, giants, miracles, fencing, and a frightening assortment of wild beasts — The Princess Bride is a modern storytelling classic.

As Florin and Guilder teeter on the verge of war, the reluctant Princess Buttercup is devastated by the loss of her true love, kidnapped by a mercenary and his henchmen, rescued by a pirate, forced to marry Prince Humperdinck, and rescued once again by the very crew who absconded with her in the first place. In the course of this dazzling adventure, she’ll meet Vizzini — the criminal philosopher who’ll do anything for a bag of gold; Fezzik — the gentle giant; Inigo — the Spaniard whose steel thirsts for revenge; and Count Rugen — the evil mastermind behind it all. Foiling all their plans and jumping into their stories is Westley, Princess Buttercup’s one true love and a very good friend of a very dangerous pirate.

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The first time I knew of The Princess Bride was when I saw the movie as a kid. I thought it was ridiculous and weird, yet liked it all the same for those things. But I admit I didn’t understand most of what was happening. Now, after reading the book, I laugh even more and appreciate all the tiny details of the movie as never before. My family once saw it with me a few months back this year (2014) and they all had these weird expressions and kept asking why I was watching that. All I did was frown at them and keep laughed as Westley yelled “As You Wish!” as he went downhill.

I read this book last year so there are some small details I can’t remember well… This book is about the great love between Buttercup and Westley, how it can survive death, go against kings and pirates, and anything else it encounters.

At first when I began reading, it felt ridiculous how Buttercup could love someone a day after not having much emotion towards them the day before. She’s the only character I don’t love much of all the wonderful cast. She’s extremely thick, selfish, annoying, but funny all the same. I like her more in the movie because there she’s portrayed as a stronger female character.

I also particularly liked how there was a story within the story. I won’t spoil because it takes the magic of the whole book. When you read it, make sure to search the history of The Princess Bride and who is S. Morgenstern. Don’t do it now. Please don’t. Do it afterwards. I guarantee that you will facepalm and remain baffled for a while. I was. I felt like such an idiot…

This book is full of fights, love, vengeance, adventure, intrigue, a wedding to stop, and lots and lots of humor. I remember having to read a novel for a school assignment and I chose this instead. I would be constantly snorting, laughing, chuckling, gasping at what would happen and even almost cry!

Overall, it was a great story of high adventure you won’t want to miss. Perfect for when you want to try something different from the usual YA books nowadays. The movie is a bit different than the book (I mean DUH) but both are incredibly made but in the essence it’s the same. Now I feel like watching it.

Rating: 5 stars

it was amazing

A Few Favorite Quotes:

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

“You seem a decent fellow,” Inigo said. “I hate to kill you.”
“You seem a decent fellow,” answered the man in black. “I hate to die.” 

“Now what happens?” asked the man in black. 
“We face each other as God intended,” Fezzik said. “No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone.”
“You mean you’ll put down your rock and I’ll put down my sword and we’ll try to kill each other like civilized people, is that it?”

“You mock my pain! Life is pain, anyone who says otherwise is obviously selling something!” 


“I must be overtired’, Buttercup managed. ‘The excitement and all.’
‘Rest then’, her mother cautioned. ‘Terrible things can happen when you’re overtired. I was overtired the night your father proposed.” 


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  • This movie is hands down one of my favorites of all time :). Great review 🙂

  • Alise (Readers in Wonderland)

    I’ve never seen the movie the whole way through but totally agree that I didn’t understand it when I saw some of it as a kid 😛 I just remember there being a lot of humor. Same with the book, I’ve never read it but I really really want to! Especially now 😀

  • This is one of my all-time favorite books (AND movies). I’m glad you loved it too. Some of the best one-liners in the history of one-liners 😉

  • Cait

    I haven’t read this yet! >_< Which I feel terrible about because The Princess Bride is one of my most favourite movies EVER. I can literally quote the WHOLE thing. x) Haha! It's so awesome…although I've heard the book is pretty different. Mime gave it 3-stars (but she's kind of a hard rater) so I do want to try it someday, it's just not top of the TBR. I LOVE THESE GIFS SO MUCH.

  • Ahhh Cary Elwes. Good times, good times. I’ve never read the book, but have watched this movie many a times. It’s romantic, it’s funny…how could I not? 😉

  • I have a friend who LOVES The Princess Bride but I haven’t read the book or seen the movie yet, even though the book is on my shelves. I can’t believe it, one of the guys there is in Gossip Girl lol! (The 2nd gif you posted).

    • You haven’t seen the movie?? GASP! It’s one of my all-time favorites because it’s so fun! 😀 I may do a movie review one day. I haven’t seen Gossip Girl in a while, so I really don’t remember him.

    • WHAT?! Where have you lived all your life?! Just kidding xD But you should definitely watch it some day, plus read the book. Whichever order is still good <3 I love the movie so much and the book was fantastic! I had the urge to watch it this afternoon but my nephew was occupying the TV 🙁 I don't watch Gossip Girl, but that's really cool! 😀

  • So..confession time…haven’t seen The Princess Bride *hides from pitchforks* and i feel even worse about the fact that i wasn’t even aware it was a movie! OOOPS!

    • That’s okay! Confession from me, I haven’t seen the Breakfast Club *hides under bed* But still, you should see it whenever you can. I look forward to hearing from you what you think of it 🙂