Sassy Girl Swoony God Tourney Challange #4

October 13, 2013 Blog Tour, Jennifer's Thoughts 0

Welcome to the Sassy Girl Swoony God Tourney for My Date From Hell

Week four is almost over for the Sassy Girl Swoony God Tourney by Tellulah Darling! Don’t know what it is? Click here for more details. Anyways, I couldn’t participate in last week’s challenge due to having tons of school work. Plus I had no idea what to draw for that challenge…. It basically consisted of making a drawing of a tattoo for Kai, the swoony god of the book. Drawing skills, check, imagination for a tattoo, not so much… But if you wanna go check out the few entries for said challenge, you can click here to get on Tellulah’s site, plus see this week’s challenge officially.

So without further ado, this week’s!

Here is the challenge for this week. Cast the movie. Who would you choose to play Sophie and Kai? Because casting an entirely hypothetical film is fun!

Tweet your thoughts up to 4 times with the following tweet:
#SassyGirlSwoonyGodTourney Cast Sophie & Kai. REPLACE WITH ACTRESS & ACTOR #MyDateFromHell

Bonus entry #1: Post casting ideas on your blog, explaining what it is.

Bonus entry #2: Post casting ideas on your blog’s FB page, explaining what it is.

Now, I’m not good when it comes to casting, so bare with me…

For Sophie Bloom (main character) I chose… Debby Ryan! *insert gasps here* Call me crazy but I can totally see her in that paper, being sassy and funny when needed, and even romantic and supportive too.

Now to hot stuff Kyrillos aka Kai, Prince of Darkness and son of Hades… Gosh this one was a hard one, but for him I chose… *drums* Colton Haynes! Say what?! I might have picked him for one of My Perfect Boyfriend… but look at his face! He rocks the bad boy look, plus with those looks he can pull off the weird romantic moments of Kai in the book.

That’s it for Challenge numero cuatro! (I know Spanish :3) I hope you all liked my casting. Stay tuned for more challenges to come as the weeks go. I’ll be probably posting mine midweek, or hours before the deadline. Also, check out My Ex From Hell and My Date From Hell on Goodreads. Honestly, at least the first one which I’ve read so far, is worth your time. Amazing! Also, on high alert, I’ll be posting this week my review of My Date From Hell! :O Gosh I’m dying with that sequel…

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