Sensitivity Reads

What’s a Sensitivity Reader? 

A sensitivity reader reads through a manuscript for issues of representation and for instances of bias on the page.  The goal of a sensitivity reader isn’t to edit a manuscript clarity and logic, although that may be an additional service offered. A sensitivity reader reviews a manuscript for internalized bias and negatively charged language.  A sensitivity reader is there to help make sure you do not make a mistake, but they are also NOT a guarantee against making a mistake.

Write in the Margins

My Expertise:


I am currently in my last year of studies as a Sociology major with minors in Criminal Justice and Gender/Queer Studies. (University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus)

Relevant Coursework:

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociological Theory
  • Sociology and Religion
  • Introduction to Antropology
  • Criminology
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Sociology of Violence and Aggression
  • Social Problems and the Puerto Rican Society
  • Social Problems and the Latin American Society
  • Principles of Political Science
  • Gender and Visual Arts
  • Queer Sexualities
  • General Psychology
  • Latin American Literature
  • Religious Literature
  • English Literature: Mystery/Detective Fiction
  • French I y II and Intermediate French

Was also part of different clubs such as:

  • The English Club
  • Pre-Law Society
  • The Literature Club
  • Honor Society
Work Experience:

I have extensive experience as an Administrative Assistant. I had all the basic secretarial duties expected (answering phones, filing, etc), but I also worked in translation of documents (from Spanish to English and vice versa), diplomatic relations with foreigners, and interaction with different members of the Puerto Rican community, via surveys and customer service.

Other than education or work experience, I also have extensive informal experience, such as:
  • New-York-born Puerto Rican. Lived my early years in the Bronx.
  • 17+ years living in Puerto Rico, surrounded by different latinx cultural influences.
  • 17+ years living under colonialism.
  • Large extended family of puerto ricans and dominicans.
  • Fluent in both Spanish and English.
  • Knowledgeable in French.

Direct experiences with:

  • Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community (specifically with bi/pansexuality and aromantic spectrum)
  • Mental Illness (specifically depression/anxiety)
  • Growing up in an Immigrant household
  • Growing up in a Latinx household
  • Being Latinx
  • Being Biracial
  • Puerto Rican/Latinx diaspora
  • Poverty
  • Living with grandparents/Caring for sick grandparents
  • Caring for grandparents with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Dealing with abusive parents
  • Growing up with strict familial expectations

What I can sensitivity read for:

– Puerto Rican/Latinx characters
– Puerto Rican/ Latinx (inspired) settings
– Puerto Rican/ Latinx issues
– Latinx immigrant situations
– Use of Spanish words/phrases (in terms of context, linguistics, etc)
– bisexual/biromantic/pansexual/panromantic characters
– aromantic spectrum characters
– characters with mental illness (will point out ableism, if any)
– Poverty situations
– Different sociological issues


  • 5,000 words and under: $25
  • 5,001 – 10,000 words: $25 + (# of words) (0.005 per word)
  • 10,001 – 60,000 words : $75 + (# of words) (0.004 per word)
  • 60,001  (and over): $315 + (# of words) (0.0025 per word)
* I am willing to negotiate prices.
  • I accept the following forms of payment

– Amazon Gift Cards (for amounts of $75 or lower)
– Paypal

What’s included:

After reading I will include comments on the manuscript as well as a 1-to-3 page document detailing aspects such as my general impression, harmful stereotypes to avoid (if relevant), problematic content (with quotes or passages pointed out), suggestions, and whether or not you’ll need sensitivity readers in other areas.

A sensitivity read can take from 4 to 6 weeks, but if you need it sooner we can also discuss dates.


  • If for any reason I cannot complete the Sensitivity Read, I will refund depending on how far I’ve gotten through the manuscript.
  • I expect payment upfront, but I can also devise payment plans in which I will only read depending on the monetary amount I have received.
  • I am NOT a guarantee that your work will be free of all problematic content. I do not speak for all.
  • I am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement after discussing it with my lawyer first.

Reading Preferences

  • Young Adult – Contemporary, Romance, SFF, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Historical Fiction,
  • Middle Grade – Any
  • New Adult – Romance, Science Fiction
  • Adult – Romance (I will be picky for this genre)

To request a SR:

Contact Me at: marianneereads (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line: Sensitivity Read Services, and please include the following:

  • Synopsis or summary of book
  • Word Count
  • Genre
  • You social media links (Twitter, Goodreads, etc)
  • What you want me to sensitivity/beta read for
  • Target Audience
* Your manuscript must be finished and have gone through the drafting process.
* I reserve the right to not accept every request.

If you have any other questions or concerns you can also email me at marianneereads (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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