Review: Grasping at Eternity by Karen Amanda Hooper



Grasping at Eternity is a story about life, love, soulmates and reincarnation. It tells the story of Maryah, a seventeen year old girl whose family is murdered. She goes to live with her adoptive family, and they’re more than meets the eye. She doesn’t know what’s really going on. She doesn’t know that she’s a Kindrily, and that she’s lived thousands of lives. She can’t even remember her soulmate, Nathaniel, who’s still suffering after Maryah decided to “erase” all her previous memories. Everyone tells Nathaniel that there’s still hope, but he can’t even believe in himself anymore. Maryah’s life seems to get worse when the person that killed her family is hunting for her, and all around her everyone is keeping secrets. It’s up to her to discover what everyone’s hiding from her, before it’s too late.

This book has everything I love in a story. Likable characters, interesting plot, swoon-worthy moments, and even a little bit of action.

Maryah is the protagonist of this story, and she’s far from okay. Her family was killed and she’s learning to adapt to her new adoptive family. I loved Maryah. She’s exactly how a main character should be: brave, confident and down to earth. Maryah was completely relatable and easy to hear from.

Nathaniel is the other protagonist, he’s a Kindrily. He has powers that we’d think were ridiculous. Nathaniel is a raw and heartbreaking character. We’re able to see and feel his pain of having lost his soul mate. In my opinion, Nathaniel was my favorite character.

The secondary characters were all very great as well. None of them seemed to be “placemats” to Maryah and Nate’s story, each and every one of them contributed something to the story.

This story is told in both the perspectives of Nate and Maryah. This is great, because we’re experiencing what it feels like to be introduced to the world of the Kindrily through Maryah’s eyes, but we’re also placed in the middle of the action thanks to Nathaniel. Both of these perspectives were necessary for a better understanding of the story.

This story captivated me from the very first moment. The prose was beautiful and poetic. I felt like I could keep reading this book forever. There wasn’t any type of predictability in the story, which is always nice to see, and the plot twists that happened near the end where really really really really great!

I loved the romance between Nathaniel and Maryah. It was hilarious at times, but it was heartbreaking at other times. They both compliment each other so well, the author made us see that they were truly meant to be together.

Nathaniel never failed to make me swoon. Everything from his looks to the way he talks was swoon-worthy.

“I was put on this earth to love you. I know no other kind of existence but to live and breathe for your well being. It’s who I am, and who I will always be.”

I’m really glad I got the opportunity to read this book thanks to Netgalley.

Rating: 5 stars (If I could give more, I would).


“Each soul is a story shelved away in an infinite library in the sky”

Grasping at Eternity is the story of seventeen-year-old Maryah Woodsen. After the brutal murder of her parents and twin brother, she moves to live with a Godmother she never knew existed. While everyone treats her like they have known her forever and welcome her to their home, she can’t shake the feeling that they are keeping a secret, and a big one. She’s clueless to the truth behind them, that they are a Kindrily, and that she’s lived with them in many lives before. Everyone remembers, except her. Apparently, she decided in her previous life to erase. You never erase. Then why did she do it? Specially when she had Nathaniel, her soulmate, to think of?

This book, gosh this book really leaves something in you, a bittersweet mixture between pounding at a wall with fury, cry like a baby in your pillow, or jump and scream of happiness.

Karen Amanda Hooper has a way to entrance you with this amazing story that from the beginning puts your heart to ache. It’s the kind of book that won’t leave your mind for a while. From stunning characters, plot twists and events, humor, swooning and ‘ahh’ moments, action scenes, it’s the perfect combination for a novel.

Maryah is the protagonist and I felt that all her actions went accordingly to what was happening in the story. I don’t like it when in books the main character’s parents die and in a few more chapters the character goes on. Here, in every moment (or at least most) of them, Maryah is thinking of her parents, how they would feel, what she regrets, what could have happened, and so on. I like it, because it gives her and the story a deeper and realistic feel to it. Also, even though what she’s gone through, she’s brave with all that’s thrown at her throughout the story. I just love her… ❤

But the real love here is Nathaniel. My heart suffered so much for him. Since the beginning we see that he’s deeply hurt because of Mary and the thought that she might not come back. It’s extremely frustrating, since because we see the story from his and Maryah’s point of view, we can tell that they’re meant for each other.

In other books I’ve read, there are times when the author likes to put way too many characters, and instead of helping in the story, they make my brain hurt because I can’t seem to remember which is which, how they are or what is their purpose. In the case of Grasping at Eternity I don’t have that problem, which is a great relief because I just love those secondary characters! 😀 They are introduced little by little, each in the exact moment when they are needed, and not just fillers put there to model and smile. Even if they were secondary, they made a great deal in the story for it to go on. I can’t imagine the story being the same without them.

What I also liked of this book was the imaginative and creative creation Karen made of the Kindrily, the soulmates, Elementals, etc. I’ve read a few stories of soulmates but none could compare to this one. She didn’t just took the whole soulmates thing and put it in her story. Here we have this concrete information about how this works, why it’s like that, and so on. It’s amazing. It’s the kind of thing that keeps you staring at your ceiling and thinking the whole night.

The relationship between each member of the Kindrily is really loving and strong. It made me want to have one of my own… 🙂

Now this gif is placed here to explain how I felt with the romance, because my words probably won’t be enough…

(Good thing I was at the Dentist when at some point it got really intense… OR else I would have done worse than that^)

The way these two met was really hilarious (and embarrassing…). We know they are soulmates, but they aren’t exactly the same in everything. They differ in their own ways and are equal in others. Like my friend wrote in her own review, they compliment each other so well and the author shows us that perfectly.

Gosh I’m a pile of mush when it comes to soulmate stories, and this one has made it to the top of the list ❤

The prose and writing style made it quite an easy and enjoyable read for me. Anyone that’s a hopelessly romantic ought to read this amazing piece of writing. But beware, you’ll be entering an emotions roller coaster as you do so…

PS. one more Gif for Nathan… xD

PPS. The cover is so beautiful! At the end is when I finally get the meaning. Thumbs up for it! 😀 ❤

Rating: 5 stars ❤

Overall Rating:

it was amazing

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    1. Actually, the cover has a lot to do with the story. It’s actually explained in the story 🙂 Thanks!


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