Beach and Sun and Sea

Hi Everyone! Some of you might or might not know it, but Marianne and I are from an island called Puerto Rico.

So, I went to the beach last Sunday and because I always get this urge to take pictures, I took some and decided to post them here! They’re only three, but I hope you like em 🙂 Here in Puerto Rico its usually very hot, with a few clouds in the sky, and all of a sudden, there’s rain. But that’s one of the few things I like of this island. One I don’t like is the lack of book stores with books I like… *crosses arms across chest and frowns*

Without further ado, a beach in the north area of Puerto Rico towards the Atlantic Sea!




PS. Doesn’t it make you think of mermaids? The whole time I was there I kept thinking of that xD

4 thoughts on “Beach and Sun and Sea

    1. This is Cerro Gordo in Vega Baja xD I really like that beach, but there was so much seaweed that day :$ I don’t like it; further proof that I can’t be a mermaid xD lol


      1. Ooh I love Cerro Gordo 🙂 I thought for a second it was the one from Luquillo (beautiful too). I hate seaweed too, but I still would LOVE being a mermaid xD


      2. Yeah. One can confuse the beaches here a lot xD And I know right! I’d love to be a mermaid, expect for dealing with seaweed :$ So many contradictions *sigh*


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