How do you feel about E-books?

If you’re an avid follower of the blog, you’ll notice that Jennifer and I are E-book hoarders.

My reason for being a “hoarder” is because in the lovely island of Puerto Rico, there aren’t many bookstores around. The Bookmark just opened up, but they currently stock “bestsellers” and I want more “indie” choices, so that’s a bust.

I prefer to buy an e-book, just because Amazon’s shipping is incredibly expensive and I’m a terribly impatient person. I usually buy Ebooks just because they’re much easier to buy than print books. Ebooks are just a click away!

The pros of buying ebooks:

  • They immediately appear in your device after purchase
  • You can highlight as much as you want, without damaging the book
  • There’s no need for marking your page, because the device will remember it for you
  • There’s always a perfect light to read
  • There’s usually a built-in dictionary available for most e-readers
  • The “search” feature is life-saving. I’m serious
  • The ebooks will never get torn pages or damaged covers
  • You can take your book wherever you go, be it on your phone, on your laptop or on your e-reader (If you have an app that can do that of course, like the Kindle app)
  • They don’t take up space. You can have HUNDREDS of books on your e-reader, AND have your room clutter-free!

The cons of buying ebooks:

  • They’re expensive! Sometimes even more expensive than the print book. (I’ve never bought an e-book that costs MORE than the actual book. I’ve never even bought an e-book that costs more than $10.00)
  • Some ebooks come with glitches, which may end up erasing your notes and highlights, and even the place where you left off
  • Reading time is limited to how much charge the e-reader has.
  • You can’t read while lounging in a pool, because your e-reader WILL get wet and die.
  • An e-reader costs way more than a visit to a bookstore.

So you see, even with this list of pros and cons, I still like buying ebooks. If I like an e-book enough, I will buy it, just so I can see it on my bookshelves.

My e-book fad has increased exponentially during these months, because all I receive from Netgalley and other authors, are digital copies, so what can I do? If you can’t beat them…

Don’t get me wrong, I will always prefer print books over ebooks. Always. Nothing beats the “new book” smell. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you pass the last page of an awesome book. Burying your face inside a book is much better than smashing your face against a screen (and much healthier for your eyes, I’m sure). I prefer carrying books instead of an eReader, because I’m pretty sure I won’t get mugged for a book (although…), but I would get mugged for my eReader.

So you see, although everyone has this whole either/or debate, I’ve learned to embrace both the convenience of the e-book, and the beauty and class of a print book.

What do you think? Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “How do you feel about E-books?

  1. Gosh, wish I had the e-reader meets pool problem! Lol. Yep, ebooks have a purpose – they’re great when your abroad, travelling, or need large print, but like you say a paper book is something special. 🙂


  2. I’ll always prefer physical copies. But, I don’t worry much about the format of a book, be it paper or electronic, since they read the same.


    1. I used to dislike ebooks but after giving them a try, I like em as much as any physical book. Plus, the perks of it is that I can mark it as much as I can, while on physical I get afraid of damaging them xD



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