Review: Gone Wild by Ever McCormick

Title: Gone Wild
Author: Ever McCormick
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Adult
Publisher: Barefoot Publishing
Publication Date: August 15th 2013
Source: Provided by Publisher via Netgalley

Gone Wild

Goodreads Summary: Just before college graduation, Ina–star of her senior class–made a mistake that went viral. Then, when life seemed like it couldn’t get any worse, she walked in on her boyfriend cheating with her roommate. To get away, Ina ventures to a cabin on a remote mountain, intent on some solitary time. She doesn’t count on Adam — the man who watches over the cabins — being so distractingly sexy. Adam came to the mountain to get distance from anything that could cause him pain, and Ina stirs feelings in him he thought he’d left behind. As Adam and Ina open up about their pasts, the mountain seems like the perfect setting for a second chance at love. Until they realize they’re not alone. Marianne   Gone Wild was definitely wild for me. This is about Ina, and how she wants to live some time alone, in a remote mountain cabin to “find herself”. Just from this, I already knew I was going to like her. I mean, who doesn’t feel like they need “alone time” at times? In the mountains, she meets Adam, the sexy albeit menacing man who takes care of the mountain. She can’t help but feel a deep attraction for him, and maybe he feels something for her too. In the mountains, they both live through an experience – and a romance- they will never want to forget. If only they knew they weren’t the only ones on the mountain…

So I enjoyed this story very much. I was in a reading slump for a long time, and I knew I needed a good romance in my life. Suddenly Gone Wild comes in, and BOOM! Out of the reading slump I go! The romance in this book is slow building, yet hilarious at the same time, because we see how Ina and Adam have this internal (and external!) war against what they’re feeling for each other. I want to give some thumbs up to the author, because for once I read a sex scene and didn’t immediately want to cringe in embarrassment. Props to Ever McCormick for NOT making sex scenes seem crude, vulgar and pornographic! It doesn’t hurt that they include the drop dead gorgeous Adam either!

From the very beginning, I loved Adam. He was the sexy, rugged hero that we don’t see very often. We usually see a lot of refined, clean cut, (undeniably gorgeous) men, but never really the kind of hero that Adam was. He’s this protective, dangerous, mysterious person that you can’t help but want to read more about.   And then, we see another side of him, which makes me want to go to the nearest mountain and find myself a hunk like Adam!  (Especially if he looks something like Henry Cavill!!!)

Ina was definitely a love/hate relationship with me. Ina goes to the mountain to escape from everything, but is hung up on everything from her former life. I was just like:  “Gah, forget about them. You have a sexy mountain guy RIGHT THERE”.

Now, I have very confusing feelings towards the plot. Mountain romance drew me in, but I don’t know how to feel about the “maybe they’re not alone, after all” bit.  I was looking for a romance in this book, not a thriller. Don’t get me wrong, I believe there are thousands of people that will enjoy this aspect of the book, but I didn’t, because I think the story could have been perfectly crafted without it. Other than this little detail, I really enjoyed the book, and most probably would read it again.

I recommend this book if you’re looking for a super sweet, smoking hot romance, with a little twist at the end.

Rating: 4 stars Jennifer There’s a reason why thoughts are private, and why we’re often told to not always say what we think. Ina should have followed that the moment she did her thesis in college. In truth, the thesis wasn’t the problem, the problem was that it went viral and lots of people were making fun of her marketing ideas, making it harder to find a proper job. No one wanted her. And because life couldn’t get worse, she finds a nice surprise when she caught her boyfriend cheat with her roommate. All Ina needs in that moment is a space of her own to think and find herself among all the chaos. No other place seems perfect like a cabin in the mountains away from the city, her protective mother, and the thought of her thesis being insulted by others. It was a heaven on Earth away from any human interactions, until she’s met by the hunky surprise by the name of Adam. Both conflicted by their past and seeking refuge in the mountains, they start to venture into something that might be more than just friends. All seems perfect, except,, they’re not alone. They are being watched. And their lives might be in danger.

I got this book recommended by an author I simply love (yes you Karen :P) and my curiosity couldn’t contain itself, I had to read this. it seemed like an interesting read, full of romance and secrets and maybe some mystery as to who was watching them. After a few weeks of having read this book, I’m still unsure of how to rate it. There were lots of things I loved, and others, not so much. As I always like to mention, this is my opinion, it might differ from yours. The written word is a subjective art that can be interpreted in different ways.

The characters in general, I felt them being well developed. I liked Ina, and also disliked her. At times she felt whinny and at others really reflective and mature, others indecisive, and others sure of her mind. She had a constant battle in her head with how she was and who she wanted to be, since one of the “missions” she had on the cabins was to find herself, to reflect on her life, that kind of stuff. My only problem with her was that one moment she wanted her ex-boyfriend, Michael, as if nothing had happened, and the other there was Adam. Like, girl, get your mind straight! Don’t hurt one and go running with the other idiot one! But in the end, it was understandable, because that happens in real life. I always try to be emphatic in these kinds of things and not directly see it as wrong because I don’t like it or agree with it.

The other characters I was wary of was Adam. Don’t get me wrong, he was so swoony and perfect… But at the beginning something felt off about him. Maybe it was just me or it was intended by the author. Putting that aside, he was a nice character to read, though confusing at times. One moment he’d be a nice and calm kind of guy, and at the other he’d be a wild and dominant beast. I didn’t like him at first, yeah, because he was so weird!

Lady Gaga Stare

But as the story developed, I was starting to accept him and even swoon of him… :3

The plot in general was good. Predictable at times, but mysterious at the same. There were times when I didn’t know what to expect and I just had to keep reading until late ’till I found out. The book was really well written in my opinion, easy to understand and grasp in your mind. The descriptions made it so much easier to imagine the setting, but leaving some space for my own things to fit into the picture.

My only problem with this book was the end. I felt it to be rushed. One moment they are okay, Michael invades the picture (ugh) and Ina starts to make her own discoveries as to who she is and what she wants, but still being a little stupid. So far there it was meh, but when the mysterious person appears and does some strongly rated things, I’m like “What? Why? How?” I thought he wasn’t even important! Okay, he was one of the main things in the plot, but there came a time when he just wasn’t needed any more. And because of that, I felt that all that happened because of him in the end was unnecessary. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe a lot of people, but if it wasn’t because of that, I would have loved the entire book more.

Other than that, Gone Wild is a story full of romance, humor, and finding yourself and that you don’t always have to please everyone. I liked the message the author delivered in the story, and for that, thumbs up! A good and entertaining read I’m sure a lot of women–or men too!–will love to read and to escape into the weird and very embarrassing moments of Ina. confetti Rating: 4 stars

Overall Rating:  really liked it


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