Review: Whose Bed Is It Anyways? by Natalie Anderson

Genre:  Contemporary, Romance, Adult Fiction, Chick Lit
Series: The Men of Manhattan series #1
Publisher: Harlequin KISS
Publication Date:  October 1st 2013
Source: ARC provided by Publisher via Netgalley  

Whose Bed Is It Anyway? Goodreads Summary:  “You’re wearing my T-shirt.” Returning home after a daring rescue mission, all James Wolfe can think of is sleep. So he’s furious to find a beautiful stranger curled up in his king-size bed! Normally no woman ever gets between his sheets without prior invitation–who does she think she is? Disgraced celebrity Caitlin Moore has been offered a place to stay and she won’t give it up–not with the paparazzi outside, baying for her blood! Reluctantly she agrees to share the apartment with James–but, with enough electricity to short-circuit the whole of Manhattan, keeping to their own sides of the bed might prove impossible….

My Thoughts:

A lot of times, most of the time, we love to run away from our problems rather than to face them. We fear of what might come, so we prefer to lose that way, than to try and fix the problem with the possibility of winning something much better. Everyday we make mistakes and, one way or another, we try our best to evade them. This is a normal human behavior.

We live in a world where people seek the latest fashion scream and celebrity gossip. Whether they are real or not, people will react to them, usually not in the best way when it’s bad gossip; it usually is. Caitlin has been out of the spotlight quite a while, but after the disastrous end to her latest relationship, all she wants is to run far away from everyone to someplace where no one will recognize her and be at peace. James Wolfe only wants the comfort of being in his home alone to rest what he hasn’t been able to in weeks. Tiring himself with assignment after assignment, he’s more than eager for the much needed rest. Only problem is that there seems to be an angel waiting for him in bed. And she’s not leaving the place she was promised to stay by James’ brother, away from the so dreaded gossip. Between trying to live together, sharing the same bed, they both swirl into a summer fling of what’s supposed to be only that, a fling. No emotional entanglements, truth issues, just sex. But not everything goes as expected…

This is the second Harlequin Kiss book I’ve read, the first one being Waking Up Married. It was a nice kind of read with tons of romance and complicated relationships, so I thought I’d give this book a chance. In that aspect, this book lives to its expectations. Fun, easy romance full of funny moments that’ll have you laughing and blushing in the middle of the night. You won’t want to put it down once you get a taste of that.

My only problem with this book was the plot and the point of views. While quite interesting and intriguing [plot], I didn’t get much of it. The story is narrated in third person, switching from James to Caitlin back and forth. While good because we get to be each others head, there were moments when it became confusing and you didn’t know who was who because there was no division to let you know who’s head you were in. When it came to romance, the plot was good, like I mentioned before. But I wanted something more than a romance. We are humans, and our lives don’t revolve around love even if we want it to. Our lives have all kinds of problems that shapes us as who we are.

And the story had so much potential in developing its plot and sub-plots more.

The author did well when it came to James. We get to know why he does what he does, why he’s a hero and his true motives, why he doesn’t want a relationship, and why he somehow gets to fall for Caitlin. With Caitlin we have only half of a cake. What happens to her ex? How does she solve the problem? What happens with her dad and sister, whom are to blame as much as Caitlin herself and her ex? All stories have to leave some questions unanswered, true, but these ones I just feel like they HAD to be cleared up. In one hand we have a whole developed character aka James, and the other just half of Caitlin, slowly loading to the speed of the first Window program or computer updates, unfinished. It was like the book ended and Caitlin was Internet Explorer, still not reaching the half of her full potential and goals as a character. And the sub-plots seemed to have Caitlin as her role model.

Once I ended the whole book, I literally felt like my book was missing at least 100 or more pages. Somewhere between 80% into it, before Caitlin and James end up together, I felt like we were going to see more of Caitlin. We had James cleared for most of it, so we only missed Caitlin before a problem happens that makes both realize they feel more for the other and it wasn’t just a fling. But no such things happen. Just superficial problem solution: ignore the media. We are handed a message, to face our problems before they end up being more twisted, to live our lives as we want without the obligation to live for someone else. Yes, but what about Caitlin? She doesn’t seem to live much to those things. I suppose that the author’s goal isn’t for the readers to see a heroine in her, explaining why this doesn’t happen. Still, having this in mind, I think the book would have been exceptional.

However, if we put that aside for a moment and just focus on the romance, it was good. I liked the story. I laughed a lot and enjoyed it tons.

To clear up, I am not trying to offend the author here, just pointing this out as my opinion on the subject. Natalie Anderson’s writing style was also easy and enjoyable to read, so in those little things, she’s a good writer and I would still love to read more of her stories, specially when she leaves us with the promise of a happily ever after, but not before it’s complications.

If you’re searching for a book with steamy romance and passion, sexy male lead character and lots of fun, this is the perfect read for you. Quite a quick one too to read in one sitting.

NOTE: This book contains strong sexual content, and  it’s not recommended to be read by people younger than 18 years old. Anyone younger than that, this is left to your discretion. 

Rating: 3 stars

i liked it

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3 thoughts on “Review: Whose Bed Is It Anyways? by Natalie Anderson

  1. That’s interesting, it sounds like it could have been much better if only it had been longer and had some more development. Too bad! The POVs switching without knowing would bother me too.


    1. At first it was itchy for me the POV, but I got used to it. Though, I suppose a lot of people might get confused by that and stop reading it. Thanks for stoping by 🙂


  2. Nooo I hate it when it’s underdeveloped and things suddenly start happening and we don’t know how. Sounds like it could have been an awesome romance. That’s why I don’t really read much straight romance novels, cos there’s pretty much going to be insta-love, etc. .Great review!


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