10 Signs That Prove You’re a Bookworm

There are so many signs that prove you’re a bookworm. Here are some that I’ve come up with (along with wonderful GIFs):

1) While reading one book, you’re already trying to decide which book to read next


… which usually just results in reading more than one book at a time.


2) Any spare change in your wallet will go towards buying more books.

For Books!
For Books!

This also includes, but (is not limited to) online shopping.

One-Click will be the death of me... and my credit card.
One-Click will be the death of me… and my credit card.

3) You prefer reading to anything else.


4) Your bookshelf is full, but your closet is empty


… and you’ve probably only read 10% of your bookshelf.

5) The character names of all the books you’ve ever read have blended together.

Anna? Sophie? Violet? Oh... you're name is Daenerys... Sorry about the mix up.
Anna? Sophie? Violet? Oh… you’re name is Daenerys… Sorry about the mix up.

6) Your schedule consists of reading, reading, and more reading.


7) You have a panic attack every time you see your “To-Read” list, and realize you’ll probably never be able to finish it.

There are just too many books, man.
There are just too many books, man.


8) Your non-bookworm friends all look at you strangely when you start talking about a book you just read


… and you realize the only ones who understand you are your books.


9) Watching the reaction of non-readers when seeing Book-To-Movie Adaptations is the funniest thing ever.

Game of Thrones could apply here...
Game of Thrones could apply here…

10) Everyone understands that “One More Chapter” actually means “Don’t bother me until I finish this book”.


And anyone who interrupts you should face the consequences.


So, what do you say? Can you relate to some of these? Can you think of any more signs? Let me know in the comments below! 

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*All the images used here are taken from Tumblr. I don’t claim ownership of them; I don’t create gifs. All the rights go to their respective creators. 

28 thoughts on “10 Signs That Prove You’re a Bookworm

    1. I can understand this, because you CAN be fashionable and love to read. Sadly most of my money goes to buying books rather than clothes. *sobs with you*


  1. Yes I can relate to most of these. Especially reading more than one book at once, I do that all the time. I have different books for different places, like one to read at home and one to read on the train. Then one for bed time and one for anytime lol


    1. I thought I was the only one who did that sort of thing, haha. I have a book on my phone for the train, a physical book for University, and an Audiobook for when I’m driving. Lol.


      1. No your not the only one. I don’t really take my kindle out of the house so I use physical books for traveling and read the kindle in the house, sometimes a physical book for night time lol


  2. Haha, these are awesome. Especially the ‘just one more chapter’ thing! Whenever someone asks me to do something, or asks me a question, I’m like ‘hang on, just let me finish this chapter’ . . . twenty minutes and five more chapters later and I still haven’t answered them 😉


  3. Hahahahahah! This is so me!! The other day one of my friends asked me if I watch a show she wanted me to watch and told her no and she screamed: “STOP READING!” It was hilarious! Because that won’t ever happen. Love this post!


    1. I get that all the time from my mom! She got so pissed at me the other day because I forgot to cook something because I was reading a particularly good book, lol. Thanks, Beth! 🙂


  4. Hahaha at number 8! Man, I remember that time my friends and I went eating at this Spaghetti House near my university. I was engrossed reading a chapter of a book in my Kindle, and they’re busy talking about other stuff (read: uninteresting compared to MY book! Haha), when I suddenly got to a twist and I suddenly exclaimed, “Oh nooo ,whyyyy?!?!”
    My friends stopped talking and were like looking at my funny, asking what was wrong. Haha. I just pointed to my book and they kinda understood (albeit maybe grudgingly… we were supposed to hang out, but I’m more interested in a book haha).
    Great list, I love all of them! They all ring so true!
    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews


    1. Hahahaha I get it. My friends still get surprised when I exclaim things because they don’t realize I’m reading! Haha.


  5. Oh my gosh this basically describes my life xD
    And number 4 is so true..especially about the reading only 10% of your bookshelf lol


  6. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH. Yes and yes and yes. Particularly #3. I love that GIF. This is so awesomely brilliant. 🙂


    1. Yes. I recently built more bookshelves because I was runing out of space. Ironically those are full already!


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