{GIF} Review: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Fantasy, Romance
Series: Vampire Academy #1
Publisher: Razor Bill
Publication Date: August 16th 2007
Source: Lent By Friend

345627Goodreads Summary:

St. Vladimir’s Academy isn’t just any boarding school—it’s a hidden place where vampires are educated in the ways of magic and half-human teens train to protect them. Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, a bodyguard for her best friend Lissa, a Moroi Vampire Princess. They’ve been on the run, but now they’re being dragged back to St. Vladimir’s—the very place where they’re most in danger…

Rose and Lissa become enmeshed in forbidden romance, the Academy’s ruthless social scene, and unspeakable nighttime rituals. But they must be careful lest the Strigoi—the world’s fiercest and most dangerous vampires—make Lissa one of them forever.

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To be honest I had no plans of reading this book anytime soon, but a friend from school lent me this one in exchange of Divergent because of a trip to some workshops through the weekend (boring stuff I’ll make a post about later xD). I haven’t seen the movie yet and I can’t believe I hadn’t read this book when I had my vampire hype a few years back. Because I’m a bit… confused about some things of this book (and a bit lazy), I decided to better express myself through few words and GIFs instead  I am a maniac when it comes to vampire stuff, movies, books series, mention it and I’m all ears with theories by moi. What I loved the most of this book was the vampire history behind it and how these ones where like the normal vampires but with an unique twist. We have the Moroi, the normal vampires that age like humans, drink blood but don’t kill the person they feed off of, and have magic powers from the earth like the elements and such. A contrast to them are the Strigoi, evil vampires that have killed a victim, making them immortal, without magic, crazed, and unable to be in the presence of the sun, a difference from the Moroi that can at least tolerate it a bit. And last but not least, the dhampir, a mix between a human and a vampire, having the best of both worlds.  The characters here were cool and a bit complex, specially Lissa, Rose’s(main character) bestie. She had so many things going but in the end she was making it through the bad things with the help of her friend. I loved Dimitri so much! I looked forward to reading about him in every page. But Rose, I dunno. She’s quite something. She’s selfish, wild, reckless, naive, stupid, and yet kind, thoughtful, abnegate, straight-up honest, and a fighter. Contradictory right? And that’s the thing I liked the most, that she was beyond flawed and looked human, real. Because anyone who tries to tell you they’re only one thing is definitely wrong. We humans are so weird, it’s not far-fetched to be both good and bad in some situations.  What I detested the most in the book was the freaking drama. Are all schools fucking like that? So much gossip and problems and jealousy, was I reading of a semi-hell place filled with evil demons? Maybe High School is like that but the amounts here were ridiculous, like trying to really plant it in your head that the main thing in St.Vladimir’s Academy is gossip. Aren’t there any people who care of their studies, doesn’t give a damn about who did what, and just live without so much drama? I have enough of it in my life as it is and didn’t look forward to having to read it.The general plot was alright, but the gossip stuff just made it drop in points by me because it sidetracked me a bit. Sure, some of it played a big roll in the story by the end, but I got really bored of it. But as I write this, I’m thinking maybe it’s just me and not the books fault because I detest gossip with a big might. When it came to the vampire stuff, this was awesome and full of imaginative new things for the genre, but the gossip was bleh (Like Dr. House’s face above). Even with the gossip bothering me, I liked the book and will be reading the rest of the series, even more if I finally can get more Dimitri action. Wink wink 😉    Book in General and Reading Process in Five GIFs:

That first scene… xD













Rating: 3.5 stars


it was really good


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14 thoughts on “{GIF} Review: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

  1. I do wish to find the courage to move past the boredom. I’ve started this book so many times, but stopped every single time. It was boring me out of my mind! I think I need to be injected with something to read Vampire books again. My niece did tell me that the first book was really boring, but the next books were better.


    1. I hope your niece is right or else I’ll be dissapointed! I think that what got me through most of the book too was that my friend kept saying “Dimitri this, Dimitri that” and I was too curious to leave it as unfinished!


  2. I think this is one of the best book reviews I’ve ever read. Awesome job! You made my day with the gifs (my favorites were the House ones–I’m a House fan). It took me a while to read VA as well, though I really love Richelle Mead’s books. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


    1. I loved watching Dr. House! But I stopped because I had to study for some tests to enter a high school, and never got into it again. It’s hard to find the episodes in TV! xD I liked this so-so, but I’m hoping to read other of her books as well, they seem interesting enough 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting! 😀


  3. For vampire stories, this is my top 1 recommended series. I like the world building, kick ass heroine and the romance! I’m so glad you like it.


  4. Those GIFs are hilarious!!! I kind of want to read this….it did that major ka-boom hype when the movie came out and I tossed up getting it from the library or something. Buuut I’m a busy bookworm. STILL. I don’t actually mind vampire stories, and this one seems a little out-of-the-norm, which is awesome. XD


    1. I love vampire stuff :3 I qas supposed to read this about three years ago when I saw it on Borders but some other book got my attention. I think it was Percy Jackson xD I hope you get to like this kne once you’re not a busy bookworm (unlikely xD) haha


  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. As a whole my rating came to roughly 4 stars or 4.5. I totally got sucked in and couldn’t put it down. I haven’t seen the movie but I will once it’s free on cable! 😉 PS: love all the gifs!!!


    1. I’ll wait till its free too xD My dating got a bit low cos of the drama stuff, but in general the book was awesome!


  6. I really like the this series, is actually my fav and I fully recemmend it. However, the first book are not the best of the series. Actually, I try to read VA like 5 years ago or something, but I never could pass the first line. I was like “this is so boring… I don’t understand what they are doing? Is a cat or other animal?” I don’t know, in that times it wasn’t for me, maybe because I was over with Twilight and all that vamp bum!

    But I read it a year ago and I love it!! The problem with the first two books is that they are (I see them this way) inmature. Because is all about gossip and teenage problem and all that… And contrary to the first comment I think the second book is the worst of the series! But there’s more action than the first one, and after that, They’re all amazing.

    And what I most love about them is Dimitri (of course!!) and the way Rose can be a heroine but also make mistakes! She seems so real for me that even when I’m not a kit ass like her I can relate to her!

    I say you should keep read them, and see that they’re really cool!!!


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