Why I love Audiobooks

You shall discover the wonderful world of Audiobooks with me today!

When I first started reading, I thought Audiobooks were these atrocious things. I thought it didn’t really mean that you had actually read the book. I thought they were a waste of time. Then, I started following The Starry Eyed Review, and started reading some of Jen’s audiobook reviews. I finally realised the error of my ways!

I “read” my first audiobook in March, 2013. It was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It was a… decent audiobook narration. It wasn’t until reading Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins that I really got a knack for Audiobooks.

How did I not realize how good audiobooks were?! My favorite audiobook of all-time is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell; the narration was superb.

Here is a clever list of pros and cons so you can decide if Audiobooks are right for you:

Pros of Audiobooks:

  • You can listen to an audiobook while commuting to work, school, college, whatever.
  • Just like the Kindle App, there are tons of audiobook apps which means you can always carry an audiobook with you! (I recommend the OverDrive app if you have a library card!)
  • Multitasking is made easy with Audiobooks! You need to vacuum the house? Why not listen to an audiobook?
  • You’ll go through your reading list much faster than you thought you would. No lie. I read 5 books in one week, and 3 of them were Audiobooks!
  • Reading an audiobook is a whole different experience. There are times when you may love the book even more because of it (like what happened to me with I’ve Got Your Number). 
  • Having trouble pronouncing all those difficult names? Just let the narrator read it for you! (Take THAT, Game of Thrones)
  • Your eyes won’t get tired!
  • If you really don’t want to sit down and read that totally boring book for English class, just hear the audiobook version, it’s the same thing after all!

Cons of Audiobooks:

  • They’re expensive. Audiobooks are twice (or even three times) more expensive than regular books. This is understandable, however I can’t afford to be buying so many audiobooks.
  • If you want to fly through a book, you’ll find it’s a bit more difficult. The narrator reads at a slower pace so we the listeners can understand better.
  • Some narrators aren’t for everyone. While there are some narrators that make the book ten times better, there are also narrators that’ll make you want to stop listening. (It’s happened to me a couple of times!)
    • On the same note, some narrators are not good at voicing multiple characters. They end up sounding the same!
  • I can’t just sit down and listen to an audiobook! I need to be doing something else, because if not I won’t be able to concentrate.
  • Lastly, (and I think this is the reason so many people don’t like listening to audiobooks) you can’t lose focus when listening to the audiobook. Sometimes you can space out, but if you’re not really listening, then you won’t know what’s happening.

Don’t know if Audiobooks are the right thing for you?

Go and check one out from the Library! I read most of my audiobooks from the library, and I can download them straight to my phone or tablet!

You can also go to Audible and try out an audiobook for a free 30-day trial.

Last but not least, you should definitely check out the SYNC YA summer program.

SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for young adults. From May 15th to August 13th, SYNC gives away two complete audiobook downloads a week – a current young adult title along with a thematically paired classic or required summer reading title. Sign up for email and text alerts and be first to know when new titles are available to download at www.audiobooksync.com.

It starts today, and this week’s audiobooks up for grabs are:

Warp: The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer 

And The Time Machine by HG Wells

These are both free and you have until May 21st to download them, but then you can keep them forever! (Some of the titles are only available in the US and Canada only, check out their website for more details!).

With the SYNC YA program I discovered The False Prince audiobook, which I totally LOVED.

Overall, you really don’t have anything to lose by trying audiobooks. I understand how they could NOT appeal to some people, but I personally love them.

You’re up! Do you like audiobooks? Do you have an all-time favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

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22 thoughts on “Why I love Audiobooks

  1. I’ve honestly never ‘read’ an audiobook. I keep hearing other bloggers talk about them and how much they love them, so I know I at least need to give it a shot. It would make reading books more convenient when I am on the go, I just love the feeling of holding something in my hands and thumbing through the pages (even if it is an e-reader.
    Many libraries carry copies of audio books though so maybe I will start there, as buying them just isn’t in the budget right now.
    Great post Marianne!


    1. I know what you mean. Passing the pages is so much fun, even if it’s in ebook. I love being able to HOLD my books. But yes, start with your library! I agree, they’re just too expensive to buy.


  2. I love love love audio books. There have been a few times (very few) that the narrator of the book has had a voice that made me so crazy I couldn’t listen to it, but it’s happen so little. I love to have an audio book on hand at all times. As much as I would like to sit down and read all day, the reality is that I cannot. I have a home and children. With an audio book I can put it on, clean my house, fold laundry, do the normal everyday things I have to do all while listening to a book, to make it more tolerable…hehe! I do thin they are a little expensive, but it’s worth it to me to have something to help me get through those mundane tasks..hehe!


  3. I only started listening to audiobooks this year but my first attempt was about a year ago with World War Z where I kept falling asleep lol. Nowadays, I listen as much as I read and I totally agree with your points above, especially that one about multitasking. Doing chores is actually more fun now because I listen to audiobooks while I do it. I can literally “read” the whole time I’m awake. And “re-reading” via audiobooks is a totally different experience that I enjoy too. I do agree that audiobooks tend to be more expensive though but I’m really glad that most public libraries carry audiobook titles nowadays and you can even borrow them in the comfort of your home via your phone or tablet. Great post Marianne!


    1. Haha I fell asleep while listening to The Waking Dark and it was horrible. I had to start the book like 3 times because I kept falling asleep! Thanks forst stopping by!


  4. I love audiobooks, too! When they’re the right ones, that is. I was also rather dismissive of them until I tried the Harry Potter ones. I’ve discovered that the narrator is the key thing for me–I am super picky about them (I honestly put down 90% of the ones I sample), but the right audiobook is so enjoyable. And such a time saver! I especially like them when my husband and I take roadtrips. We’re in the middle of both a funny non-fiction book called STIFF and THE SHINING at the moment. Wow, what a duo, come to think of it. 😛

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


    1. Narrators definitely do make or break the story. I’ve yet to try the Harry Potter books, but I keep hearing about them, so I have to give them a try! Wow, hope you enjoy both those audiobooks 😛


  5. I’ve never tried audiobooks yet…it’s I thought it would be too distracting? I don’t know. I can’t concentrate when someone is reading me a story. I need to read it for myself. One of these days, I’ll have to try it though.


  6. Oooh interesting, I actually tried listening to The Scorpio Races on audiobook and haven’t returned to it since because the characters “voice” wasn’t what I envisaged in my head. I guess the narrator makes a big difference doesn’t it? I like the thought of multi tasking though while listening 🙂


    1. That’s weird, because people keep telling me how I should pick up ANY MAGGIE STIEFVATER BOOK because they have good narrators. I’ll take your word for it, then. 🙂


  7. Audiobooks are perfect for times I’m stuck doing mindless tasks. I get so bored when I’m cleaning, I’d rather sit down and read, so I’ve come to embrace audiobooks as a perfect compromise. I’m also extremely thankful for audiobooks whenever I’m commuting. I have motion sickness, so I can’t actually read a book on a bus without feeling giddy and getting a headache. It’s such a terrible predicament for me because there is all that wonderful time to read but I can’t seize it. With my iPod on hand, that’s not a problem anymore because I can always have an audiobook with me.

    Generally though, I don’t get through more than an audiobook or two per month. Given a choice, I prefer to read. Listening’s fun and all but I don’t have the patience to spend 10 hours on every book that I could finish reading myself in 4 hours.


    1. Yes! I do the same thing. I definitely enjoy reading physical books more, but that’s just a personal preference. I just love flying through a book, and usually audiobooks don’t help with that, lol.


  8. I love audiobooks as well! I am always way slower getting through them because I don’t commute anymore. So now they are relegated to dishwashing and such tasks or whenever I do happen to get in the car. I love Polly Lee and James Marsters for narrators so far – whenever I find a narrator I love I go and look up to see all the other audiobooks by them they have done so I know what books I’ll instantly click with the narration.


    1. Yes! I know what you mean. I don’t know what to do with myself now that I’m not commuting. Now it takes me WEEKS to finish one. I understand about the narrators, I tend to do the same thing. I’ve read 3 books by the same narrator already (Rebecca Gibel), and have not been disappointed yet.


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