My Thoughts on Maleficent: The Movie

angelina-jolie-maleficent-poster-new-maleficent-movie-poster2Title: Maleficent
Rating: PG
Running Time: 97 min
Genre: Action | Adventure | Family
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharito Copley

The untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the 1959 classic “Sleeping Beauty.”


As you already must know, I am a huge fan of Twisted Fairy Tales, I am writing this review as about… 30 minutes after watching the movie. I honestly hope I don’t fangirl too much, but I’m honestly still in awe. I will say this: Disney has definitely stepped up their game in terms of movies. I saw this movie with two of my best guy friends, and they absolutely loved it. The movie theater where I went to see it was packed to the brim, and only about 3% of the attendees were children. There’s not a doubt that this flim is a great choice for anyone.

The Cast

What I liked the most about the casting in the movie, is the fact that there’s such a small set of characters! There are only 2 main characters: Maleficent & Aurora. Then we have: Stefan, Diaval, The Fairies & Prince Phillip. That’s it. That’s the cast. Those are all the characters in the movie.

I honestly would’ve seen the movie even if Maleficent was the only character in it.

Look at how perfect she is! Gosh.

Angelina Jolie singlehandedly carried this movie on her shoulders and made it shine! The make or break point was obviously if Angelina was the right choice for Maleficent, and she definitely was. Her acting was amazing. Angelina Jolie was BORN to be Maleficent. As a fan of the Sleeping Beauty movie, I thought that Maleficent would never have redeemed herself in my eyes. I didn’t think there was anything good to her story. WOW. I was so wrong!

She humanised Maleficent; she gave Maleficent reasons for doing what she did. She portrayed every single emotion perfectly, all while still delivering the classical “anti-hero” feel. Maleficent was fierce. She was so strong, she was so brave, she was so wonderful. All throughout the movie you couldn’t help but resonate with her and want her to come out victorious no matter the consequence.

Elle Fanning as Aurora was a wonderful choice as well, because Elle fanning definitely delivered the “innocent” and “graceful” feel of Aurora. She also definitely portrayed Aurora’s child-like wonder and excitement.

All the secondary characters definitely stood out whenever they appeared on screen. They weren’t there just because they needed a placemat, they all contributed greatly to Maleficent and Aurora’s story.

The Fairiessss! (Yes, the one in the middle is the woman who plays Umbridge)

I definitely loved the casting for this movie, and it was so amazing watching all the characters shine and make the story their own.

The Setting

The setting is one of the most beautiful parts of the movie. The CGI used creates a magical, imaginative, and fantastic world. All the creatures in this world are wonderful (some are terrifying, too!). You couldn’t help but wish you lived there. The whole movie was visually stunning, and even in the most simple of moments you could admire the beauty of everything.

The Plot

For all of those afraid that this movie would completely change what Sleeping Beauty was all about: Don’t fret. The basics are still there Princess Aurora is cursed to fall into a deep sleep at the age of 16 and will only be woken up by true love’s kiss. Maleficent is still the one who curses her.

What this movie brings is a refreshing new look at Maleficent. It really explores that not everything is black and white. That no one is entirely good or entirely bad. This story shows Maleficent’s life in a different way. It doesn’t tell us that Maleficent is good, but it doesn’t tell us that Maleficent is bad. I loved how sometimes things weren’t right, but they were just. 

This is a really minor spoiler, read at your own risk .I think one of my favorite parts in the movie is when Prince Phillip is about to kiss the Sleeping Aurora. Just before their lips meet, he says something along the lines of “I barely even know her. I don’t even know if I want to kiss her“. Disney is trying to finally break with all the “insta love” and giving a much more realistic feel to their movies.

The Verdict

The best thing about Maleficent is that it deviates so much from other Disney movies. There wasn’t a song between every other scene (the movie’s only “famous” song is Once Upon a Dream sung by Lana del Rey, and it’s only feautred in the credits), it isn’t romance heavy (in fact, there is barely a romance here), nor did it need an extensive cast to shine.

This movie is dark and twisted, while still mantaining the wonder and magic of the original film. This breaks the idea of the “conventional” woman who needs a Prince or a King to be strong, and much rather makes Jolie shine as the Queen that she is. While this flim will probably receive lots of criticism from the movie “professionals” because of some controversial parts, I know that this’ll be a fan favourite for many Disney enthusiasts.

I can’t wait to see this movie again.

5 stars!

it was amazing








18 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Maleficent: The Movie

  1. I’m going to see this with my family this weekend and you’ve gotten me SO EXCITED! 😀 I love how it takes a different view on Maleficent’s personality; and how she’s neither good nor bad. And hurray for no instalove! 😀 The first time I heard Angelina Jolie was casted as Maleficent, I freaked out because – like you said – she’s the absolutely perfect Maleficent! I’m so glad to hear she lived up!

    Thanks for sharing and for making me excited about this! 😉


    1. Well I hope you’re not disappointed! And sorry for hyping it up so much, but it truly is good! 🙂


  2. Thank you for your thoughts. When choosing which movie to go to yesterday, this was a top contender, but the trailer was vague and I was not (I am never) in the mood for Disney’s sing song business. This sounds great! Thanks again.


  3. I only decided this morning that I would like to see what I make of this film, because before that, for all the beautiful song and interesting idea, it just hadn’t really struck me. Now, however, I really am interested! I really enjoyed reading your review, and it does sound like a very, very interesting film! I’m excited to learn about Maleficent’s background, and also see how everything else comes into the story- also, the setting sounds incredible!


  4. I really really need to see this! Everyone is raving about it! (Maybe I will see this later, alone. Boo!) But seriously, I want to! Awesome review on the movie. I wish I can do movie reviews, but I always end up writing just a few sentences.


  5. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this movie! I was going to maybe wait to see it until it came out, but now I’m thinking I’m going to drag my husband tomorrow. I’m really iffy about Angelina Jolie (I’m still a bit bitter over the whole Brad and Jen thing…lol), but I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that she’s amazing. Can’t wait to see it!


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