Review: Catch A Falling Star by Kim Culbertson

This book was just what I needed. If you want Young Adult stories to read this summer, this is the book for you.

I loved Carter Moon. You know how there’s always a small-town character that dreams big and wants to leave to some big city to start living? Carter is the complete opposite. She’s happy living in her small town of Little, CA. She lives in the now and doesn’t think much of her future. And if she has to, her plans are pretty simple. She’ll graduate high school, work more hours at her dad’s cafe, go to the elderly center, back home, stargaze, repeat. Yet as the story goes on she discovers that while some people have trouble filling their minds with too many dreams and not live in the now, she’s been living for too long in the now and not taken that much care to the tomorrow. Her voice was simple and interesting to read from. She put people before her and preferred to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. She talked instead of fight, and couldn’t stand to lie to those she cares about. Which crashes a bit with what she’s asked to do once a Hollywood Star comes to her Little town.

The story was sweet, funny, swoony, all things I imagine a YA book to be. Even with all the growing romance between the two characters of Carter and Adam, the book also dealt with things really common in our lives. We often prejudice people by what we see, specially superstars like singers and actors/actresses. Not everything is how it seems and not everyone is how they make you think they are. There’s more to people but we prefer to be lead by false things like social media and gossip rather than know the person and judge them through our own eyes and acquired knowledge.

“We create our own definition of success or failure. You can’t hold yourself up to other people’s versions of things. Not society’s idea of things, and not other people’s. Your own. But regret… well, that’s a real thing. Take it from me. You should try things on, see if they fit you. If they don’t, it’s not failure. It’s a choice.”

I loved how in this book, the author speaks about following your dreams, any dreams. To try something even if we won’t be that for all our lives. We can’t lose the opportunity when we have it thinking we’ll fail or it’s selfish. No one can decide for you what to do or not do. But if you don’t do it, the small wonder of things will only grow in time to become regret and think all those What If’s at night.

There were also those random astronomy moments, I loved those! I love everything related to stars and the universe that I couldn’t help but squeal whenever the characters stargazed and said astronomy facts, plus the cool blog entries they did occasionally ā¤

It was really good to be honest. I loved every moment of this book, how relatable and real the characters were. From Carter’s parents, her brother, friends, to Adam Jakes and the whole Hollywood movie crew. It was fun, fluffy, and inspiring. Another great thing was that the main character wasn’t stupid and didn’t do slut-shamming! I loved every single simple and unique thing about her. Definitely a worthy pick.

Rating:Ā 4 stars

7 thoughts on “Review: Catch A Falling Star by Kim Culbertson

  1. Instant add to the TBR. I could definitely use a book like this! It sounds so cute and I really like how the main character seems like the opposite of all the similar cliches. Astronomy interests me a lot so those little tidbits will be enjoyable. Love that quote, too!


    1. Yay! I want to see what you think of it ā¤ I loved that quote a lot, and the book helped me a bit at this moment of my life where I want to do some things but I'm afraid of failing. Thanks for commenting! šŸ˜€


  2. I love the quote that you chose, it’s very fitting to my beliefs in life. I think that this book deserves to be read (by me), so I am adding this to my ever growing list of books to read! (and yay for the Joey gif!)


  3. Aww, YAY! I’m so glad that you loved this because I’ve seen mixed reviews and I didn’t know what to really expect of it. I got a copy not too long ago but there’s always other reads taking its place because I don’t know what to think of it. I’m definitely going to pick this up after my current pile is done! Great review!


    1. I know what you mean! Usually when there’s a book I really want to read I try to steer clear of reviews, both good and bad. I read the reviews after I finished the book. Often a good book can be ruined when we have expectations, both good and bad. And I know! I have so many books I’m dying to read but I have to read others books before them and I get frustrated. I hope you get to like it! And thanks! šŸ™‚


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