Our Thoughts on The Fault in Our Stars Movie

fault-our-stars-movie-posterTitle: The Fault in Our Stars
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 125 min
Genre: Drama | Romance
Starring: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff

Hazel and Gus are two teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them on a journey. Their relationship is all the more miraculous given that Hazel’s other constant companion is an oxygen tank, Gus jokes about his prosthetic leg, and they met and fell in love at a cancer support group.


We met up to watch TFIOS on its premiere day, just so we didn’t have to suffer through spoilers and such. The movie theater was full to the brim! We had to sit really close to the screen, but thankfully it wasn’t uncomfortable. We loved it!!

Our Thoughts: 

The Cast:


 Marianne:  This movie has a really great cast. Most of these actors are “popular” or “out there”, so there was a lot of expectation for me with this aspect of the movie. I’m glad that the casting was done so well!

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort make The Fault In Our Stars movie so much greater. They embody Hazel Grace & Augustus Waters SO MUCH. I had my doubts about Ansel, because I’d only seen him act in Carrie, but I was blown away by him. He pulled off the snark, the sass, the wonderfulness that is Augustus Waters. I didn’t have doubts about Shailene, though I did want to see how she would interact with Ansel in this movie. They are Hazel and Augustus (which is weird considering I said Shailene was Tris in my Divergent review… oh well).

Shailene & Ansel are definitely amazing actors, and they prove it in the way that they could so seamlessly go from brother and sister (Divergent), to lovers here. You could definitely feel the chemistry between them, and their relationship was very well built.

I also really loved the secondary characters! Nat Wolff did a very good Isaac. I didn’t really like Isaac much in the book, but here in the movie I totally loved him. Hazel’s parents were amazing! You don’t really think the parents matter much in the movie (because it’s a romance movie after all…) but Hazel’s parents definitely played a huge part in this. I loved how they were so present in the movie. They acted really great! Peter Van Houten (played by Willem Dafoe) made me hate him even more than I hated him in the book (a huge feat, let me tell you), but at the same time he made me laugh in so many scenes! He didn’t really look like the Peter I had in my head, but his acting more than made up for it.


When I first knew of the cast for the main characters, I wasn’t so sure about them. Never heard of them and I had a irrational fear that they would ruin my newly beloved book. After a while when I got to see them as normal people and some of the trailers for upcoming movies before The Fault in Our Stars, I was over the moon.

Then I saw the rest of the cast. Like Marianne mentions, some of these actors are well known and have their fair share of big projects. It was weird to see Hazel’s dad as her dad when I’ve seen him a few times in True Blood running naked and transforming into animals. Yeah.

But the truth is, all the people in the  cast were amazing. They all took the characters as their own and gave them a life outside the book I wouldn’t have been able to imagine. They took something great and made it greater. While people often complain about how they aren’t exact as the book, these ones are the exceptions. Forget about Gus’ blue eyes, Isaac’s blonde hair, and other minor detail. In essence, these actors were the characters, something that made the movie feel even more realistic rather than just a movie. Or even a book.

Even the characters with little appearances in the book left their incredible mark in the movie, like Lidewij (Peter Van Houten’s assistant). I loved her character. And Gus, and Hazel, and after almost a month of having seen the movie I wanna see it again to wash in the awesomeness of such a talented casting.

 The Plot:

Marianne: Most of the script was 100% taken from the book. No lie. I felt like looking up the book on my Kindle app and reading the lines along with the actors. I hadn’t read the book in over a year, and yet it was so vividly in my memory.

The movie was basically the same as the book. There were obviously some things omitted that were originally in the book, but I honestly think it didn’t make any difference. I was okay with these changes because they didn’t feel important enough for the movie.

This movie lasts 125 minutes, but it feels like no time at all. I was lost inside the story all over again, and when it was over I felt as if the movie had barely started. The plot wasn’t overly romantic, it wasn’t overly sad, it wasn’t too much of anything. It had equal moments of sad, of romantic, of funny, and of all of them at once. It was definitely wonderful.


I was resisting the urge of quoting the book whenever I KNEW they were going to say the exact thing from the book, which they did tons of times. I didn’t quote it because I thought Marianne would think I was a complete freak. This brings me to what Marianne mentioned before me. Most of the movie was the exact book. From descriptions, character presentation, scenes, conversation… everything! I was flabbergasted by how amazing it all looked in the screen from when it was in my head.

I had seen in the internet that a lot of people weren’t that satisfied because they didn’t make all the book. And I know some things I loved where missing, like the scene where Hazel and Isaac are playing a video game and they say “hump the floor,” when Gus and Hazel joke about Gus’ intelligence and beauty being his deadly beauty, among others. But the truth is, that even without those things, the story went through perfectly and I wouldn’t change a single bit.

I acknowledge that there were few details here and there, but those are nothing when you focus on the big picture. It had equal parts of romance, snark, swoon, and the drama that would lead to the sad part. it went flying by so fast! Maybe it was because I was so into the movie and fangirling, but it felt like I was living inside of it, eating the popcorn away because of what was inevitable (not oblivion).

The Romance:

Marianne: The romance!!!! asdfghjkll. They made me feel all kinds of feely feels! Hazel & Gus are the ultimate couple. The romance was so AMAZING. The chemistry just jumped off the screen and you could actually feel them falling slowly in love with each other. From the very first interaction you get these butterflies in your stomach because you’re seeing something amazing happening right in front of your eyes.


Their romance was believable, slow burning, and not at all instalove. They were both what they needed from each other.


Marianne is taking all the good GIFs… Okay… so… The romance! I was glad Marianne was between my grandma and I because if my grandma saw me swooning… I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face whenever I go visit her.

They had chemistry from the first moment they lay eyes on each other. It was cute, sweet, passionate, real and believable, it was like it was jumping out off the screen towards my heart in waves of swoon. Instead of Butterflies in my stomach, I felt like I was having a party down there with fireworks and all whenever I would see Gus smile at Hazel and she’d get shy, or when Hazel would smile when she got a text from Gus… ❤

I almost screamed when this happened, because you see the beginning of something so beautiful and devastating… <!–3
Did We Cry?

Marianne: Ha. Trick Question. Real question should be whether or not I’ve STOPPED crying. Answer is: I still haven’t completely gotten over the movie.

I was actually holding up quite well throughout. I hadn’t actually cried at all, except maybe a stray tear here and there. Then came the Gas Station Scene…. I was a mess. I tried telling myself that I already knew what was going to happen, but my eyes didn’t comprehend that. My eyes… well they started leaking. It was horrible. I was already so engrossed in Hazel & Augustus’s story that I couldn’t help but cry along with them. After that scene, well I started crying more liberally, because the movie theater was crying with me xD

A woman sitting next to Jennifer had actually started crying in the beginning of the movie (and didn’t stop until the end .-.), and I’m sure that if I were on my own I probably would’ve done the same. xD

Me. Totally Me.


Throw me sticks and stones and call me a cold rock, because I did not cry. BUT I felt immensely sad, my brain was a mushy mess, and my eyes got teary a lot of times. I’m a person who finds if hard to cry in really sad and heart-felt moments. My brain starts to chant unconsciously to not cry. It’s a habit I developed when my dad used to joke about how I cried about everything when I was younger (I don’t hold it against him). While I did not cry, and knew how the story would end, I hoped against hope that somehow the end would change. I wanted to see a happily ever after where Gus just didn’t…. ugh. I only did get to cry when I listened to Ed Sheeran’s song All Of The Stars a week after when all the emotions finally broke in, when I related the lyrics to what happened in the movie and the horrible realization of how it ended, when it finally sunk in.

And in the movie theater I was afraid of looking at Marianne in case she was crying silently and then I would have caved in as well xD

The Verdict:

Marianne: The Fault in Our Stars is a phenomenal book. When adapted to become a movie you’d think that the book would lose its wonder. Yet this didn’t happen. It was quite the contrary. It successfully became the movie adaptation that all bookworms would be proud of. Accompanied by an amazing cast and even more amazing Soundtrack, and this movie is one of the best adaptations I’ve ever seen.

For me, it’s definitely 5/5 stars.


The Fault in Our Stars is one of the very, very few and short list of books with a worthy movie. Having in mind that a few things might have been taken or changed, I loved every bit of it. I loved its message, the romance, the plot, even the tragedy if you must… Because the real life is full of both good and bad moments we have to live with. This story isn’t like those other Romantic Comedies, and that makes it all the more believable and sad. You truly end this movie with a bittersweet feeling. Fantastic cast, incredible music that pulled the strings of your heart, and a story we both love and wish could be changed. One of the best adaptations I’ve seen ’till this day, and I hope to see many more worthy of such acknowledgement.

Hands down, 5/5 stars. Even more than what the book got from me that first time I reviewed it xD


6 thoughts on “Our Thoughts on The Fault in Our Stars Movie

  1. Hahaha you guys have the best gifs, and everything you said was spot on. The actors definitely strengthened the characters they were playing, be they main or supporting characters. I really want to see this again!


  2. YAY I am so happy that you guys both enjoyed it! I was strangely the same while watching the movie, I did cry near the gas station scene but I wasn’t bawling you know? All of the actors really embodied the characters, especially Shai and Ansel! They did sooo well. I really loved the movie, great discussion guys!


    1. I’m just really relieved that the theater we saw it at was full of people who had already read the book. I could’ve just imagined non-reader reactions when they found out about Gus and then the Eulogy and such… I know I felt kind of rage-y and cheated when I read the book, can’t imagine someone who hadn’t yet XD Thanks, Jeann! 🙂


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