{Review} Alex + Ada Volume 1 by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

Set in a futuristic setting, Alex is a single guy who lives alone, goes to work, hangs out for a bit with friends, goes back home alone, and repeats it. People are still concerned about him because of his breakup with someone he loved, and want him to move on with someone else. So it’s a bit of a surprise that after a birthday party he comes home to find the latest, most expensive android model, the Tanaka X5, in his living room as a gift from his grandmother. He doesn’t want it, doesn’t want to get attached to the machine that looks too much like a real girl. He tries to get rid of her, but fails miserably and so he keeps her. Like this, Alex and Ada embark on a life together where they discover each other and to what risks you’ll go for those you love, even if they’re an android.

The first thing that got my attention in this comic collection was the futuristic elements. Alex first wakes up with a machine telling him to wake up with a hologram screen giving him the weather report, news broadcast, etc. He also has a chip implanted inside his head that lets him command the technology around him to flush the toilet, make coffee, and even call someone and talk to them “telepathically”. The technology is simple yet incredibly awesome. I want to live in this world! Though I’d be a bit dubious of having a chip in my head, the other things are pretty cool, even if they’d only make the human race even more lazy than nowadays in this attempt to “make life easier.”

This is a collection of five issues of Alex + Ada, and I was deeply sad and happy when I discovered there were more. Sad because I didn’t had those next issues, and happy because I’d be able to have more of these awesome characters! Alex at first came off to me as a weird fellow, very pitiable. He was alone and still mourning his old girlfriend, really down and all-around uninteresting. But once Ada came into his life I liked how he began to change on his own due to his change of environment with her. He starts to question the things that are currently going on in the future about artificial intelligence, he begins to care for Ada, and so we slowly see a man that’s really… Swoony, I dare say.

In general, this was an excellent comic and has given me hope that there are artists and writers out there with great potential other than the oh-so-famous DC Comics and Marvel. This was really creative with the known subject of robots with a hint of humor and romance thrown into it. The drawings were amazing and very colorful , greatly detailed and kept me wanting for more. The whole comic did. It’s easy to understand, a real page-turner that I had to finish no matter what. The whole robotic concept was great to know about and the romantic moments were incredibly sweet. ❤

Rating: 5 stars

5 thoughts on “{Review} Alex + Ada Volume 1 by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

  1. Hi, Jennifer!

    I think this was such an interesting read. I am a huge fan of the sci-fi/futuristic genre so I will have to try this one but I think I will read not until I have all of the issues. 🙂 I don’t want to be left hanging. 😀


  2. Oh my god i’m dying to get my hands on this one from your review alone. This one wasn’t on my radar but it sounds like such a cute read! *makes grabby hands*


  3. I don’t know why, but the guy reminds me of the guy from the movie, HER. Because of the machine thingy 😛 The cover really caught my attention and I never tried comics! Hmmm. Maybe I’ll start with this one. I’m glad you loved it, Jennifer!


    1. I haven’t seen HER yet but I definitely want to :3 I took this one from Netgalley because it was available as a Read Now xD It’s incredible :3 I hope that if you read you love it as well! 😀 Thanks for reading!


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