{Movie Review} Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

MV5BMTUyOTI0MzUyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzI2MzU0MDE@._V1_SX214_AL_Title: Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 104 min
Genre: Action |  Comedy | Fantasy
Starring: Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Danila Kozlovsky

Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, half human-half vampire, a guardian of the Moroi, peaceful, mortal vampires living discreetly within our world. Her calling is to protect the Moroi from bloodthirsty, immortal Vampires, the Strigoi..

I know I am a little bit late to the party, but I was travelling from Orlando to Puerto Rico and I decided to watch this movie while on the plane. I was cringing so hard!

My Thoughts: 

The Cast:

Okay so I had never heard of any of the cast members before, so my expectations were really low. Zoey Deutch was a good Rose, in my opinion, but she still wasn’t as good as Rose from the book. Her acting was nice, and she really knew how to channel her inner “badassness” but overall she didn’t “wow” me. I prefer book Rose much better.


Lucy Fry (who was Lissa) I did not like at all. I have nothing personal against her, but she portrayed Lissa in a totally different way than in the book. Here she seemed kind of stupid and bitchy if you ask me. I didn’t connect to her, nor did I get why it was so important to protect such a snob like her. (Sorry :/)

Don’t even get me started on Dimitry! UGH. I think the actor tried his best but overall was cast wrong. Dimitri is not what I envisioned AT ALL and I don’t think he ever lived up to the Dimitri in my head. It was really sad since I was really looking forward to seeing Dimitry & Rose chemistry on screen. Shame.

The only main character I actually liked was Christian. I’ve always loved Christian, so seeing him in the movie (and well portrayed) was definitely a surprise! I really enjoyed seeing that he was even a bit snarky and not as brooding as in the book!

The secondary characters all felt like they were cardboard cutouts of what the characters were supposed to be. I didn’t feel an ounce of fear for the antagonist, nor did I feel sympathy for any of the characters.

Almost NONE of the actors were all that good at acting out their part IMO, which led for the movie to seem forced and awkward.

Overall in terms of casting this movie could have definitely been better.

 The Plot:

I don’t even know what to say honestly. While most of the elements of the book were here, nothing felt real, nothing felt good. Everything was left unsaid for the viewer to assume for themselves and if I hadn’t read the book I would’ve been so confused. They tried to deal with bullying, slut shaming, political drama, and angst, but it didn’t work for me. The acting also contributed to me feeling so “meh” about the rest of the movie. They tried to make this movie more humorous than it actually is, which led to me not really enjoying the “funny” parts.


I was never really captivated.

The Romance:

The romance UGH!!!! Okay so Rose and Dimitri are my SHIP. I love them to death and I ship them so hard. I was looking forward to seeing their chemistry on screen and now I understand why people say “be careful what you wish for”. Rose and Dimitry in the movie were so AWKWARD. The age difference between them was much more marked than in the book (because he looks about 10 years older than her, instead of 7 like in the book) and I really could not feel excited for them.

There was literally zero chemistry between them which made the scenes even more awkward than they initially were. UGH just UGHHHHHH with Rose & Dimitry in this movie.

However, Lissa and Christian was a different story. Maybe because I already mentioned that I liked Christian as a character in the movie, I enjoyed his romantic scenes with Lissa. They were cute (even if I disliked Lissa) and I could actually feel Christian liking Lissa.

The Verdict:

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters was a disappointing start to what would have been a very succesful vampire movie franchise (I heard they started a campaign for the next movie because they didn’t have enough funding). If they hadn’t tried to give this the “Mean Girls” twist, it would have been much better. This movie also needed better casting because the actors didn’t really capture your attention at all. While there were some humorous moments, those were overshadowed by the shoddy effects, bad acting, and flimsy script. This movie needed a lot more work than what was put into it.

However… it ends in a cliffhanger, dammit! I already read the books but YOU DO NOT LEAVE A PERSON HANGING LIKE THAT. GAH.

Because this is one of the only parts that genuinely made me laugh.

25 thoughts on “{Movie Review} Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

  1. I haven’t read any of the books or watched the film yet, and although I fully expect the latter to be bad, I still plan on PVRing the darned thing when it pops up on the movie channel just so that I can say I did. That’s too bad about the Mean Girls twist, but I can’t say that I am overly surprised.


  2. You know, this is one of the very few occasions where I saw the film before I read the books (mostly cuz i had no idea it was based on a book… yeah, was apparently hanging out under a rock for a few years and that oblivious to YA). and the movie was such crap that I fear it has scarred the books for me! lol I tried… I really tried to read the first VA book. I got about 40 pages in, and just couldn’t get into it. But through the whole thing, I’m picturing the rather lackluster actors in my head, and it just threw the whole thing off for me. Gah. Hate that. So I think I’ll give the books another try, once some more time has passed as a palate cleanser for the wretched film. I figure this many people can’t be wrong… they’ve gotta be decent, right? lol I’m hoping, anyway.


      1. Yep, you got it, exactly. Have to stop picturing the brunette actress (a bit annoying), the blonde (insipid imbecile. I really disliked her, too!), and that guy who really killed the whole love interest for me. Between his size and his swarthiness, he really looked WAY too old for Rose. Add that to the fact that he’s her instructor, and the whole thing delved into the pedo-pervy, for sure, and was light years from sexy. Crossing fingers Dimitry in the book is more appealing. I know you’re not the only one of my book buddies who loves the love between Dimitry and Rose, and I’m really looking forward to experiencing it, once I get the bad taste of the movie out of my mouth. 😉

        … and don’t even get me started on this little elfin blonde mean girl. Horrid.


  3. Legit tears here. VA is a precious series for me as well. Like, PRECIOUS. I knew it! I should have known that they’re gonna ruin it. I’m not gonna even bother watching it. But I have to admit, I reallu have a huge crush on the actor playing Christian. He has the Christian vibe as well ❤


  4. It seems like this film was a massive let down. I have not honestly read the books, nor do I really know what they are about, but I think I’ll take reading them over the movie by the sounds of things. Always unfortunate when a book you really like gets converted to a movie and they just massacre it with low budgets and poor acting!


  5. *sighs* I’ve heard pretty much the same thing from the majority of the movie reviews I’ve read. It’s a shame that the movie doesn’t reflect the book’s quality as much as you would have hoped. It seems that they casted without really thinking about their decisions and made a script that didn’t quite follow the book as much as us booklovers would have liked. Thanks for sharing Marianne, and WONDERFUL review! ❤ Sorry it was a disappointment. 😦


  6. It feels like everything these days attempts to have a Mean Girls twist. It IS kind of getting old. *sigh* I haven’t read the book or watched the movie yet, but this is quite disappointing. I definitely understand the awkwardness in that relationship. It’s always weird when actors are cast way too old. >_<


  7. Oh. I agree with everything you’ve said here. When I forget the book, I find the movie cheesy, but not the worst thing ever, but when compared to the book – oh. My. God. What went wrong?


  8. *sigh*
    I didn’t bother buying a movie ticket for this one. I went to go see a different movie and snuck into ten minutes of VA before my other movie started to see how it was. I was so disappointed. I liked the casting (although maybe Dimitri was a but questionable) but overall the script was horrible. HORRIBLE. The jokes were lame and the movie tried to hard. The movie seemed more like a parody than anything. Overall I was so disappointed in this one 😦


  9. What a coincidence! I’m actually watching this right now!! Okay girl, I admit that it wasn’t perfect AT ALL but it was entertaining and omg, I loved Dimitri. Rose, at first, I was like WTH??? But then her character grew on my. Good movie in my opinion but the second one looks much much better. 🙂


  10. I totally agree Marianne, EVERYTHING YOU SAID. See this is why we get along because Rose + DIMKA are my OTP and it was totally ruined in this movie. I loved Christian but he’s the only one, I mean Rose was okay but definitely not who I imagined. They just all felt really bratty, especially Lissa you know? Oh gosh, I hated the slapstick angle and the mean girls one, it just didn’t really suit and could have been so much better. I’m kind of glad the 2nd movie hasn’t gotten funding, as bad as that may sound. I don’t want anyone to be turned off the series.


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