{Bookish Confession} I don’t read reviews. At least not how you think.

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Since in the past I posted another bookish confession and there was a good response from most of you guys, I’ve decided to make this a (once a month, or every two months) feature on the blog. It’s basically just what is sounds like: I confess something related to books that you may not know about me. It seems like fun 🙂

This is the part where every single book blogger that I have ever interacted with comes at me with pitchforks. But first let me explain:

Book Blogging, in it’s majority, includes book reviews. However, I don’t read book reviews.

Stop judging me! DX

I don’t read book reviews the typical way. I have my own ways to read book reviews. 

Here’s an example of how I would read a review of a book I’ve heard of and have plans of reading in the future:

Review Reading Process
Highlighted parts are the ones I normally read

Let’s assume the picture above is a book review of yours. I first read the Title, Author and Genre, to see if it’s something in my interest range. If it is, i’ll proceed to see the summary. Then, I’ll read your initial words on the book (because that’s how I’ll decide if your review is spoilery or not xD). Sometimes I read quotes from the book, sometimes I don’t. I read the blogger’s opinions on the plot, how she/he felt about the characters, how they felt about the romance, the verdict and their rating.

But mostly I just skim the review because I feel like even if the reviewer includes the minimum amount of spoilers, I still get biased over the book. And I like reading books without having an overall impression on them.

There are exceptions for how I read reviews, of course, like for example when I have already read the book you’re reviewing. In that case I read the whole review because I don’t need to fear for spoilers and whatnot.

However, don’t believe that because I skim a review I don’t leave a relevant enough comment. I always leave a meaningful comment regardless or not of the way I read a review.

So, that’s the end of my bookish confession! Do you do something similar? Let me know in the comments below!

21 thoughts on “{Bookish Confession} I don’t read reviews. At least not how you think.

  1. I don’t usually read reviews at all of books that I haven’t read. I just mark those posts ‘as read’ in my bloglovin feed and move on. There is a rare exception once in a while, but for me there’s no point in reading those reviews, because I don’t have a TBR list anymore and I chose my books now by wandering my library’s shelves. Book reviews don’t really fit in with my reading style anymore. I do love reading reviews of books that I have read already though-I love comparing my experience with a book, to others who have read them as well 🙂


  2. *hides* I confess…I do this too sometimes – mostly when I’m in a hurry. If it’s a book I’m not familiar with, I usually read the summary and then skim the review itself and then leave a comment based on what I have read. But like you, if I’ve fully read the book, than I usually read the full review. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Marianne and, as always, FABULOUS post! ❤


  3. MARIANNE! This is a fantastic post…this is how I typically read book reviews too, so I’m glad to see I’m not alone. 🙂 Though I feel kind of guilty admitting to it now…. :/

    If I’ve read the book, then of course, I read the full review.


  4. It’s nice to hear some honesty! I can’t say that I have a usual method per say to read reviews, but I only read reviews either when I’m in the mood to or if it’s for a book I’m already interested in. Sounds like you have your review skimming down to pat.


  5. I actually barely read reviews anymore. I just decided that I’d rather read a book because I want to and not read it or not based on someone else.

    But when I DO read reviews, it’s quite similar to you. I skim bits of paragraphs and piece it together. I always check the rating first though!


    1. The reason I don’t check the rating first is because if I see that the person rated it 1, 2, or 3 stars, I won’t bother to read the review. I’ll think “well, if it was just okay for them, why should I waste my time with it?”, so I’d rather first see their opinion and then their review.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  6. I actually love reading reviews AFTER I’ve read a book. I feel like I can converse more actively about it then. If I see a book review for a book I haven’t read, I’ll just take note of whether the blogger enjoyed the book or not, and maybe some of their reasons. But whenever I read a review from start to finish, it’s usually for a book I already read.


  7. Thank you so much for the honesty! Sometimes if I am planning to read the book shortly, I don’t read every word of the review and usually scan it to get an overall impression. I am so scared of spoilers that I don’t want to ruin my reading experience. If I haven’t heard of the book, or I’m interested in the book in particular, or if I’ve read the book before, I usually read the full thing. It does depend on the review style and stuff though, whether it’s more conversational or an indepth review.


  8. It depends. I read the full review for books I’m really excited about to see if they are likely to be a let down. If it’s something I’ve not heard of or not too bothered about I might just skim to get a feel for it, favourite the post and add to my TBR.


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