Paperback or Hardcover?

Discussion Time!

It’s a New Year! Happy 2015 to everyone! For some, it’s been 2015 for a really long time, but for me (in the pacific timezone) it’s still January 1st. I wish all of you awesome followers a really awesome year because you are all so awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰ To start off the year, I wanted to begin with a simple discussion.

I’m sure that pretty much EVERYONE has discussed this already, but now I want to talk about it here.

This is it, the discussion that sparks wars, that separates continents, that ruins friendships; yes my friends this is a very important discussion.

Deciding whether a paperback or a hardcover is better is like deciding which is your favorite child. Both parties have their pros and cons, of course, but there’s always that one party whose pros outweigh the cons.

Comparing Paperbacks to Hardcovers


** I do this, and about 6 people I know as well. Gotta put that dustjacket to good use! xD (hey, they don’t fall off the book in comparison to paperbacks and those cardboard bookmarks).
So, what’s my verdict then?

I think I definitely enjoy buying hardcoversย more than paperbacks because I really enjoy the way hardbacks look on my shelves. I don’t take physical books with me anywhere (I have a Kindle with tons of ARCs that I need to get out of the way anyway) so the cons of having to carry heavy books around with me are assuaged. The price is my only con, and even that doesn’t matter because I only tend to buy books when they’re on sale.

So, what’s your preference?ย Paperbacksย or Hardcover?

24 thoughts on “Paperback or Hardcover?

  1. I love owning hardbacks, but they’re always so expensive! I think if I had to choose and the paperback was released at the same time as hardback, I’d go with the paperback. They’re so much easier to read. ๐Ÿ™‚ Unless, of course, I have the rest of the series in hardback. A matching set is far more important than saving money!


  2. I think I actually prefer paperbacks because they are much easier to read. They weigh less and they are more comfortable to read. But on the other hand I hate that they come in so many different sizes they look awful on my shelves. My series don’t match, because even if I have all the pretty matchy covers, sometimes their sizes don’t match, which makes me uncomfortable for some strange reason, so i’ve been buying a lot more hardcovers lately, just for the sake of my shelves. Even if I still much rather read paperbacks.


  3. I’m definitely a hardback kind of girl. ;P I don’t mind the extra weight. TBH, carrying around a paperback vs a hardback have almost no difference for me. But hey, I discovered something new today! I’m totally going to use the dust jackets as bookmarks now. Another reason to buy hardcovers. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy new year, Marianne! Thanks for sharing.


  4. My preference for OLD books…okay, not OLD OLD OLD but just books that have all their sequel published in paperback already I will buy them in paperback. For example, I will buy the Song of Fire and Ice series in paperback. But if it’s a new book and series, I will not wait a year for the paperback and buy the hardcover. ^^


  5. Nooooooo, you can’t use the dustjacket as a bookmark!!!! It’ll get all messed up & creased!!! LOL, just kidding — to each her own!! But, I used to work in a library, so we made sure all the dustjackets were covered & taped to the books. For me, I don’t really have a preference — I love both! Just as you listed, there are pros & cons to both. If a particular book that I want is in both formats, then I’ll go with whichever is the better price (but sometimes the hardcovers have extras in them — scenes, previews, etc). But if the book I want is only in hardcover, then that is fine with me. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I’ve been told this so many times! But my dustjackets look pretty nice considering I use them as bookmarks, lol! When I was little I used to tape the dustjackets to the book so they stayed intact. My mom used to hate that! I love the extras in hardcovers, too! Sometimes a little bit more is good ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I don’t know, I like HC better but it’s so easy to damage the cover edges!! And it’s more expensive ๐Ÿ˜› But worth it sometimes… HC covers DO look better than the PB covers. PB is so much easier to fling around ad carry though ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great discussion, hon!


  7. I prefer paperbacks. I don’t have bookshelves and therefore do not display my books, so the prettiness and how easily a spine cracks does not influencing my purchasing. Plus, I’ve DESTROYED hard back copies of books before, and forget about dust jackets. They’re so uncomfortable, so I end up taking them off, and then they end up getting lost of years in a box in my closet (I’m always in a perpetual state of moving around it seems).

    Ultimately, cost dictates the kind of books I buy. I love e-books because there are usually some great sales, and I’ve been able to pick up many popular books for less than $5.00. Plus, I’m patient. I can wait the year for paperbacks. It’s usually best that way for me anyway. I kind of need the hype to fizzle out because that can ruin a book for me.


  8. I prefer paperbacks, not sure why actually. I am really carefull with my books, so the fact that paperback get’s damaged more often doesn’t really matter as even my paperbacks look good. With hardcopies I always take the dust jacket off as I don’t want to damage it and I feel that a hardcopy looks naked without the cover and it’s one of the thigns I prefer about a paperback as they always have their cover on. And ofcourse paperbacks are usually cheaper. Although for some series I am willing to spend the extra money on a hardcopy soley because those are released earlier. That’s the only exception when I’ll buy a hardcopy.


  9. Ooh gosh, this is such a hard choice for me, but I have to go with paperbacks for three simple reasons: a) I’m kind of broke, b) I live in Singapore (where book prices are through the roof), and c) paperbacks are JUST SO MUCH CHEAPER. But in my heart I’m a hardcover girl – so I always ask for hardcover copies of books for Christmas and birthdays and things like that, haha ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. I would say that as long as it is a physical book I really don’t have a favorite between hardcover or paperback but I do agree that paperbacks are cheaper which is why most of my books are paperbacks and also that covers look better on hardcovers but one thing is for sure, for me digital books will never beat the sensation of having a real book in my hands.


  11. I prefer the look of Hardcovers but I don’t see them very often over here. I’ve actually been wondering lately where people buy their books from because I usually only see paperbacks in shops so I stick to eBooks most of the time. If I’m going to buy a physical copy then I’d rather get an edition that looks beautiful on my shelf.


  12. I usually use the dustjacket as a bookmark, too. I tend to a) forget to put the *proper* bookmark in the book b) not find any even hough I have lots. Still, almost all of my books are paperbacks for economical reasons.


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