Review: Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

What I loved the most about Burn for Burn was the fact that it didn’t shy away from real, honest to god revenge. Revenge for these girls isn’t just spreading a rumor or flattening the tires of a car, in this book, revenge is a cruel and evil knife.

Mary, Kat, and Lillia have all been wronged in way or another. Kat, bothered with this, decides to take a stand, and recruits Lillia, the queen bee, and Mary, the invisible girl to help get back at those who have wronged them.

I really enjoyed reading this book in 3 POVs. Each girl has a distinct personally and you could always know who was narrating. Out of the 3 POVs, my favorite one has to be Lillia, just because I really understood her motivations about participating in the revenge scheme, and overall she was such a nice character. While Mary & Kat went all out with their revenge, you could sometimes feel Lillia thinking about what the consequences of her acts were. I could somehow relate to her even more because of this.

The writing in this book is also so fluid. Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian write so well together. You never know when one writer stops and the other begins. It was wonderful.

I will not deny that this book has its faults. My goodness this book was so painfully teenage that it sometimes made me cringe. Hook-ups, bullying, alcohol, drugs, football games, cheerleaders, etc etc. This book is a medley of teenage dramas and clichés. But you can’t help but be absorbed in all this teenage angst!

He drawls, “Rennie, honey?”
“Yes, Reevie baby?” Rennie flips her hair around.
“You know you’re my wifey, right?”
“Of course.”
“And a wifey has to make sure her man is taken care of,” he continues.

The worst (and best part) of this book has definitely got to be the ending. The ending is literally where everything comes crashing down (for better or worse) and where there will be the most horrifying cliffhanger to ever happen. It comes out of the blue and you have no idea it’s coming until it’s already there. It’ll leave you dazed and confused and desperately wanting to read the next book ASAP.

Overall, a well-crafted book about revenge. It’s very absorbing and you’ll want to read the next one as soon as you finish!


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9 thoughts on “Review: Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

  1. I read this book before I was even reviewing so I don’t have a review for this but we pretty much have the same rating! I really enjoyed it too! For some reason, books about main characters bent on revenge is a guilty pleasure of mine and this one didn’t disappoint! I’d have to agree with the teenage-ness of it though. It is kind of brimming with high school trope cliches. Fire with Fire was an awesome read too but I had to pause on Ashes to Ashes because some reviews had me worried 😦

    Lovely review Marianne!


  2. I kind of find these backstabbing revenge books really entertaining, but I’ve heard there are some annoying teen tropes in it which makes me not want to read it. I find those really prevent my enjoyment of the book and make me rage lol. Great review though lovely!


  3. I love these revenge books, guilty pleasure of mine 😉 I liked how each POV had a distinctive voice, it was easier to keep up with the story that way. The ending was crazy! Lovely review, Marianne <33


  4. This book has recently caught my eye but I wasn’t sure about this series until now. Now I think I will give it a try. I’m not a big fan of it being very teenagy, but it seems to be good inspite of it.


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