Review: Vivian Apple at the End of the World by Katie Coyle

My Review:

“The Rapture has been foretold for March 24th of three years hence.”

You know when you finish a really good book and you’re left speechless? You know, when you just want to hug the book and never let it go? That’s how I felt about this book.

I didn’t expect much when starting it, other than a light fluffy read. But it’s so much more than that.

From the very beginning, Vivian Apple is a very interesting heroine. She’s thrust into a situation that is completely unimaginable; the Rapture happened, and she, along with several other thousand people got left behind. How does she handle this? She’s so levelheaded even in the most difficult situation. Vivian always went into a situation thinking through her options. She is not a reckless and impulsive character. She’s strong when she needs to be, speaks her mind, and her whole journey is driven by her need to find answers. Vivian’s character solely evolved thanks to the Rapture, which is really interesting seeing how she changes subtly into her own.

I also love the fact that this book isn’t riddled with any of the typical YA tropes. No insta-love, no slut shaming, no Mary Sues. Instead it features a really strong female friendship between Vivian and Harper (which I’d like to add are two completely different people and still get along tremendously), a sweet, budding romance, and a lesson as to why family is so important.

There’s a sort of religious undertone to the book that really makes it better. It’s kind of a parody/comic depiction of religious obsession. It explains how the Rapture in the book came to place, and makes us all question ourselves.

Truly, this book has become one of my favorites merely because it was completely refreshing. I loved every second of reading it, and I can’t help but keep asking myself: “if the world ended, would I take it on as easily as Vivian did?” Highly recommend.


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12 thoughts on “Review: Vivian Apple at the End of the World by Katie Coyle

  1. Wow, this sounds nothing like I thought this book would be! I blame the cover — while it’s very pretty, it seems a bit misleading. I can’t imagine being in this sort of situation, it really does seem unimaginable! Great review!


  2. Yay to friendship! It’s so important! I love it when you don’t expect a book to me THAT GOOD but it does turn out better than first predicted! The contrary kinda sucks though lol. Also, nice review! By the way, I don’t think I ever told you but I really like the layout of your reviews. It’s all clean and I like the fact that you put links, really easy to follow. Yup ❤


  3. Yay for good characters and friendships and refreshing reads! This sounds so unique and interesting I really want to try it out. The fact that it left you speechless is a really good sign 😀


  4. This sounds great, Marianne, and it wasn’t even on my radar. For some reason I had it in my head that this was YA contemporary . . . which is a little ridiculous, but who knows how these things happen? Thanks for clearing it up for me–it’s already added to my wishlist 😉


  5. I’m usually not a fan of books with a religious undertone because they are often not aligned with my beliefs, but I’ve heard the parody in this one is actually quite entertaining. Great review Marianne, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!


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