Review: A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

You know that feeling when you see two random people but you just know they’re meant for each other?


When everyone else sees it but them? That feeling where you just want to lock them in a room together and yell “JUST KISS ALREADY!”?

“It’s in that moment that I know my couple of the semester is going to be Gabe and Lea. […] Now I have to figure out a way to orchestrate this relationship.”

Well, in A Little Something Different this feeling is perfectly captured into words. Through 14 different perspectives (including one of a Squirrel, and a Bench) we see the collective frustration of seeing Lea and Gabe constantly skirting around each other but not being together. 

All these perspectives complete the story in a way. It’s amazing because you get to know everything that’s happening at the same time. It’s not confusing at all.

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The writing is also very clever. With each character the style changes, so you always know who’s who.

I laughed, I giggled, I swooned, and I think I even shed a tear or two. This book is everything I was hoping for and more.

This book is the equivalent of eating your favorite comfort food. It’s absolutely perfect with the way it exposed a developing love story and made me feel as if I were watching one of my favorite romantic comedy movies.

“I think I just got to witness my first collegiate meet cute.”



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31 thoughts on “Review: A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

  1. This is definitely something different! I It sounds quirky and fun, especially with the multiple POVs, animals and inanimate objects included. I’m glad you liked it Marianne, because I definitely want to read this now! It’s like a contemporary, which I don’t read often now, with a twist! Lovely review! 🙂


  2. I can’t remember who convinced me to get this book, and I’ve also since its purchase forgotten about it entirely. BUT. It sounds fabulous, and there’s nothing I love more than writing that is both clever and makes you swoon. Thanks for the reminder, and great review! *runs off in search of book*


  3. I’m so glad you liked this one! I’ve had trouble with some Swoon Reads books, but this one seems wonderful. 🙂 I’m glad the writing is clever and that you were able to swoon and laugh throughout. Lovely review <33


  4. I completely loved this one! Everything about it was so perfect and great! I wanted to immediately reread it when i finished! SO HAPPY YOU LOVED IT TOO ❤


  5. Awww, sounds adorable. BTW I SEE YOU SHIPPING DESTIEL THERE. 😉
    I kind of want to read this just haven’t had the chance yet. Gah! Do I say that about every book?! BUT IT’S TRUE! I DO WANT TO READ THEM ALL!


  6. I absolutely adored this one too. I was hesitant about having so many points of view, but seeing they all focused on the two love birds, it was absolutely brilliant. Their budding relationship was so realistic too, the shyness, dancing around their feelings. It was simply beautiful. Lovely review Marianne ❤ Makes me want to reread it again.


  7. I LOVE that Olicity and Destiel are up there, because I was like YESSSSSSS. Those are two of my huge ships and I totally have that KISS, DAMMIT feels towards them.

    I’ve seen this book around the place, and I think it’s so cool that it was technically voted to being published!

    I am a bit wary of fourteen different POVs, but since you said it is very easy to distinguish them, I’m not quite as worried as before.

    I always need a little more fluffy romance in my life, so I will definitely pick this one up now 😀


    1. *fist bump* I AM SO GLAD YOU SHIP OLICITY AND DESTIEL. Cause I know you also ship Merthur so it’s like I’m the American version of you (or you’re the Australian version of me, hahahaha).

      The 14 POVs are all about the couple, though, so there’s never a mess 🙂 I really hope you enjoy it!


  8. I was so close to getting this book the other day…I end ended up leaving it because of the multiple points of view. But your review just rekindled my desire to read it lol. I think I’ll give it a try soon. It sounds so cute. Plus the cover is gorgeous!

    Great review 🙂


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