Review: Beautiful Curse by Jen McConnel + Teasers!

I love a book that can hook me in and make me feel all kinds of things, and this book did a great job at that.

Our heroine, Mya Jones, was a normal sixteen-year-old teenager like you and me, except that one day she magically became enhanced somehow, more beautiful than ever before in a ridiculously impossible way. Women around her became instantly jealous, making her best friend ignore her and her mom to leave Mya and her dad alone. Junior year was supposed to be great, but instead it turned out to be Mya’s worst nightmare as she was bullied day in and day out by her peers and teachers. One day though, Mr. Merk takes Mya away to a palace where the master, Ross, lives. There, no one mistreats her because of her beauty and life seems perfect, except that she cannot see Ross, not even a peek. But doubt slowly fills Mya’s head and she might just risk, breaking her promise to him and live with the consequences.

If you’ve read the story of Cupid and Psyche, you know the basic story line here. Yet it was completely enthralling and compelling to see how it all turned out differently with the original twists offered by the author! The beginning was a bit slow as we see Mya’s life turn from okay to horror as she is despised due to her unnatural beauty which even she doesn’t know where it came from. But once you get into the story things start to get interesting as you get hints and pieces of what will happen.

One thing that bothered me was that this girl didn’t know basic Greek and Roman mythology. Didn’t she at least watch the Disney weird version of Hercules?! Other than knowing the original story, it was kinda obvious and I would almost slap myself when she didn’t decipher it sooner. But I can’t blame her, not everyone is interested in history nowadays! Other than that I really liked her caring, loyal, loving character. Childish at times, but she’s sixteen so it’s okay. She would sacrifice anything for the well-being of her father and even that of Ross further into the story. She didn’t let her surreal beauty get too much into her head and she learned to keep her feet in the ground at all moments.

Ross… damn it. Every single scene and moment with him, even a mention, was enough to have me in a giggling fit.

My best friends were afraid of my weird outburst of laughter at school while I read. It was so cute and swoony to see these two interact and fall in love. It hinted a bit at insta-love, but hey, the type well done is worth reading. At least for me. I’m a sucker for romances like this. He was really romantic, respectful, truthful to his word, and so, so sweet and thoughtful… Someone save me.

It’s worth noting how, other than the romance and interesting twists of this story, it also gives a lesson on beauty. It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and it can be deceiving even when you think it isn’t blinding you. Outer beauty is great to look at and admire, but what is truly worthy is a true heart that will fight against all odds, that stands up for others, that is selfless, and sees beauty beyond what the eyes perceive.

However, the one thing that bothered me the most of this novel was that I didn’t know if this story was a repeat of the original Cupid/Psyche story, or if it didn’t technically exist and Eros (in this story) never married anyone before Mya? Was she a reincarnation and he was falling in love with her again? I DON’T KNOW! And that has my mind reeling with theories… Those damn theories. Maybe it was all a plan from the author to keep you thinking of the book after finishing it. Maybe…

Still, I deeply enjoyed devouring this book and even more since it involved one of my loved subjects, Greeks. Great for the lovers of mythology and one of the few Greek/Roman stories which doesn’t end in disaster, starring the God of Love himself and a mortal. It’s one of those simple stories that really grip at your heart and certain thematic that people can identify with. And that hangover… wow.

Rating: 4.5 stars



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Jen McConnel first began writing poetry as a child. A Michigander by birth, she now lives and writes in the beautiful state of North Carolina. A graduate of Western Michigan University, she also holds a MS in Library Science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  When she isn’t crafting worlds of fiction, she teaches college writing composition and yoga. Once upon a time, she was a middle school teacher, a librarian, and a bookseller, but those are stories for another time.  Her fiction titles include DAUGHTER OF CHAOS (YA), THE SECRET OF ISOBEL KEY (NA), and the recently released sequel, HER SECRET INHERITANCE. Visit to learn more.


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6 thoughts on “Review: Beautiful Curse by Jen McConnel + Teasers!

  1. I have a thing with Greek mythology, I absolutely love it as I grew up reading it! I like how this one presents some interesting ideals about physical beauty, and the guy sounds so romantic. Fantastic review Jennifer!


    1. Me too! I’ve been a Greek Mythology geek since I first saw Hercules and love anything and everything related. Totally recommended for Greek and twists lovers. And thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Mythology, you say? I love re-tellings based on myths, when they’re done well they are just sooooo good! I’m going to have to add this one to my list for sure. Great review! 🙂


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