{Review} The Vampire Diaries Vol. 1 (The Vampire Diaries 2013) (#1-39) by Colleen Doran

This graphic novel was a HUGE disappointment for me. As some of the older fans may know, I read the first book in the Vampire Diaries when the blog was new in 2013 and I’ve seen about half the first season of the TV show. It wasn’t my favorite vampire book nor series, but they were both interesting in their own ways and such, specially when it came to the vampire myths. No sparkle nonsense or weird stuff we see in vampires nowadays.

When I read the tiny description in Netgalley, I honestly expected a graphic novel of either the first novel or the series, which would have been really interesting to read about, maybe even more than series because at one point it became a bit boring for me. But this graphic novel was nothing of that. I blame myself for not reading correctly, but also the description because at first it seemed it was about something else entirely. Or I simply just read it wrong. So sue me.

Instead I am met with a collection of short stories from different times, like before Damon met Elena, while they’re together, Stephan in some town trying to be away from Damon, these two then siding against an ancient vampire, etc., becoming really confusing to know in which point in time I stood. While I haven’t watched the whole series, I know a lot of the stuff that happened and this was simply very confusing, like side stories that had no relevance whatsoever to what was happening. Some helped to give some kind of depth to certain characters or accentuate their behaviors, but over all, it felt useless.

I liked the drawing variety and different styles from very detailed life-like to cartoon and so on. The two characters I liked the most in those stories were Damon and Katherine, together or apart. Damon for being evil and cocky, Katherine for her angry vampire and seductress tactics that let me know more about her. The rest? Meh.

Honestly, this guy…


It took me a lot of time to finish this one due to the let-down of my expectations. However, I think this is a perfect addition to all hardcore fans of The Vampire Diaries. The rest who is ignorant or a newbie like me, let’s stick to L.J. Smith’s books and the TV series.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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6 thoughts on “{Review} The Vampire Diaries Vol. 1 (The Vampire Diaries 2013) (#1-39) by Colleen Doran

  1. I’ve never read any of the books or really seen the show, but that’s a bummer this one was confusing to read. If they were going to do a graphic novel of short stories, it would be better if they were all ways to get to know characters better and not so random.



  2. o_O they made a graphic novel for this? Whyyyy. I tried to read the novels after I started watching the show (I’m a couple of seasons behind now, it got a bit too much for me) but they weren’t the best. I suppose any way to make a few extra dollars? :/


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