{Release Day} Review: Snow White Lies by Sarah J. Pepper

This is Sarah’s third book in the Twisted Fairy Tale Confessions, and this was by far my favorite. It tells the story of Nivea ‘Snow’ White like never before. The Seven dwarves are not like you imagine them to be, and the Huntsman is the deadliest man on Earth, willing to do anything to kill Snow.

At first this was a bit difficult for me to read about, mostly because of Snow White. The same happened to me with Sarah’s other book of Rapunzel. Snow’s narrating voice was annoying, extremely. Like she was this big thing when she was actually just a bitch with a head too big for her porcelain body. I couldn’t stand her. But once I reached about 20% of the book I started to like her because there was more to her than what meets the eye. Which meant that me disliking her was the plan all along, in the same way she presents herself to the media as the spoiled child of the CEO of White Industries. She was a bitch all right, but you could empathize with her. She was also pretty badass, caring, independent, clever, and overall awesome.

Now the Huntsman… hot damn. That guy was sexy as heck. Just the thought of him has me like “ooohhh.” BUT other than being sex on legs, the Huntsman had a super mega interesting back story. I can’t go into detail because it might spoil something. All I can say is that he is a slave, a lieutenant for the Seven, an organization of Necromancers that serve the Queen for many, many years without dying.

Overall, it was an interesting story I enjoyed. It had a lot of twists I didn’t expect about the characters and plot in general. It had a lot of new elements when compared to the original tale that were warmly welcomed. I loved the interaction between Snow and the Huntsman, even more because their romantic and sexy moments were limited. This wasn’t a romance story. This was a story of treason, murder, dangerous magic, vanity, and many other topics the book tackled like what we believe of the social media that is often, if not always, manipulated, and the sacrifices we must face sometimes in order to reach a desired goal. I also particularly liked how diverse the story narrative was. There are times this confuses me or annoys me to no end, but this one didn’t It’s told in two Points of View, Snow White’s and the Huntsman, in different periods of time of the past and the future. It kept things interesting, intriguing, and was an effective way to deliver gasp moments when you discovered the truth about someone when they did something in the past that explain their present. Something like that.

As much as I enjoyed this, the end has me frustrated still. By the end Snow White reaches her goal, sort of. I’m not really sure. And I wasn’t sure about everyone’s motives. Why did the Queen wanted to kill the fairest harlot? Why did the Seven work for the Queen? Why did everything happened in the end? For what purpose? It kind of felt useless to me, and the ending left me really confused. Even more with that plot twist of the Queen! Maybe I didn’t read it correctly, but I was left with a heck of a lot of unanswered questions that make me wonder if there will be a sequel. Maybe, maybe not. It was great until the end that had me in-between liking it and disliking it.

However, I don’t want to discourage you from reading this. It was a fantastic retelling of Snow White with lots of darkness and complicated love interests, not to mention extremely handsome and sexy. Definitely worth reading for everyone who likes their fairy tales dark and told in a whole different way than what is “normal.”

ALSO, forgot to add that I LOVE that cover SO MUCH! At first I didn’t know what it meant but once you read the book you understand it. It really captures Snow White and the general feel of the book ❤

Rating: 3.5 stars

4 thoughts on “{Release Day} Review: Snow White Lies by Sarah J. Pepper

  1. Ha, the cover’s definitely unique and quirky! I think I’m going to want to throw Snow against the wall, but the Huntsman sounds delish. ;P I love how you mentioned that this wasn’t a romantic story. Definitely looking forward to the deceit and magic!


  2. What an interesting take on the good ol’ fairy tales, eh? I can’t say I’ve heard of these book before, but I’m willing to check them out. Thanks for putting them on my radar!


  3. I’ve read and loved SJP’s books but I was hesitant to try this series because the first book didn’t get good reviews. After reading you review, I’m interested with this one now though. Having a not so sweet and perfect snow white sounds interesting and that huntsman! Thanks for sharing us your frustrations too, when I read this (and I for sure will now), I’m definitely going to prepare myself for that confusing ending. Lovely review Jennifer! 🙂


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