Review: Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

Love, Rosie is a book like no other. Written between letters, chat rooms, emails, phone calls and newspaper clippings, it tells the story of friends Alex and Rosie who’ve known each other since, more or less, being six or seven years old. They were always together, not letting anyone else in their bubble, getting into trouble with their teachers and parents, enjoying life. Even when Alex has to leave Dublin to live with his family in Boston, even when life seems to tumble down for Rosie as they have more than distance boundaries between them, through the years their friendship grows stronger with the hardships of life and the possibility of if blooming into something else.

I don’t think I’ve ever swooned, cursed, cried, screamed, gasped, got so frustrated with a romance story as I have with this one. I wasn’t even planning on reading it! I was caught into the story the moment I read the first letter between six-year-old Rosie to Alex to her birthday party. It was super cute to read of them as kids, how they fought for silly things and told each other everything. You see them grow from kids to teens to adults to older adults and grow super attached with them.

Rosie is, hands down, one of the best female characters in romance books. I tell you. That woman! She ended up being pregnant on her class dance (in Ireland it’s called differently), she had to raise her baby alone with her parents, with no studies, working in something she hated as she daydreamed of managing her very own Hotel or maybe even have a tiny vacation from her daughter once in a while. All the while, Alex lived in Boston studying to be a doctor, the possibility of having been there with him always lingering in her mind as a bittersweet reminder that life didn’t often work as you wanted it to. Rosie was strong, determined, childish but funny, she grew into a wise and thoughtful mother and a great role model to her daughter, Katie. She fought for what she wanted even when things looked hopeless, when that awful carpet smell got into her nose and those stains looked dubious in the tiny apartment, even when she knew there was no possibility of being with Alex, she kept strong and moved forward.

Alex was absolutely hilarious. I loved that guy. He was funny, romantic, sweet, thoughtful, a complete goof that no matter what, he stood loyal with Rosie from across the pond. He also frustrated me so much when it came to Rosie! The freaking dude had a thing for her since before he moved from Dublin, that much was obvious from the beginning, yet he was afraid of doing something about it! Gaaah. Do you know how much trouble these two would have saved if either one acted on their feelings?! BUT, considering that they had a strong friendship, they both knew confessing their love probably wasn’t something you’d want to throw to the other with the risk of losing such a valuable friend.

This was an endearing, thought-provoking, romantic, awfully hilarious story that will touch your heart. It was a bit confusing at first to read the letters since you didn’t know who was writing to who, but the more you got into it it got easier to recognize each character’s voice. The narrative format kept it highly interesting and gave you a bigger view of what was happening to who without having to switch from this POV to the other one like in other books. I loved the rest of the characters as they supported Rosie and Alex and made awesome things to the story that just made me love everyone hugely. Except the stupid bitches who were with Alex. And the exes Rosie had. Those I detested because of the things they did and because they kept them apart.

Raw and truthful, Cecelia Ahern has given us a story that will resonate with many. It shows us the importance of friendships and how strong they can become with time, and of family as they support you no matter what. No one knows what’s happening in this life, and we probably never will know. Things will happen in their given, perfect timing regardless of what comes in between, and not everything is life a fairy tale in which your happily ever after will come effortlessly. We have to fight for what we want, have the guts to do it, and simply do it. I look forward to reading more fantastic stories by this author in the future that will tug at my heartstrings such as Love, Rosie did.

Rating: 5 stars

5 thoughts on “Review: Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

  1. I’ve always wanted to check this one. Mostly because I want to see the movie. have you seen it? It’s always fun to read a book that uses different sorts of media. I just didn’t realize that this one was told in that method. This sounds really lovely!


    1. Sadly, no. Though the movie posted was my main motivation to read this one. Sam Caflin is to blame… He’s so handsome ❀ I love experimenting different styles and this one was great. Do check it whenever you can! πŸ˜‰


  2. One of the best females in romance books, you say? Woah, that’s some praising for Rosie, certainly. I’m delighted to see how much you loved this, since I got a copy from NetGalley. There’s also the movie that I want to see. Oh lala! Great review πŸ˜€


    1. Giving her that title was a risk I had to take! She was just such an inspiring character that came so far from how she started as an immature and reckless teen. And Oh I hope you like it! I have to find a way to watch the movie as well… Thanks for reading and commenting! πŸ˜€


  3. I’ve had this book for a while, but I still haven’t read it! Now I really really want to. What seems the most endearing to me, is the way in which the book is written. I hope I enjoy it as much as you did!

    Lovely review btw πŸ™‚


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