Review: End of Days by Susan Ee + Giveaway!


As always, when it comes to the end of a series, there’s a lot of expectation as to how it should end. Many readers are never really satisfied, as there is never a perfect way to end a story you’ve been so emotionally attached to and never want to see end.

That being said, End of Days was an absolutely perfect way to end Susan Ee’s thrilling series.

Despite the intensity and darkness of this book, there’s plenty of lighthearted and hilarious moments all around. The usual snark and sarcasm is not lost here, which I was happy to see as well. 

“If it wasn’t for you, I’d think that angels were all totally interchangeable.”
“You mean because I’m beyond perfect?”
“No. Because you’re so humble.”
“Humility’s overrated.”
“So is clear self-assessment, apparently.”

Penryn is, as always, as badass as they come. She protects her family at all costs, but also learns that all human life is just as important. It was hard to believe that Penryn is just a teenage girl. She’s younger than me, yet her compassion and maturity is so much more than her age! It shows you how the end of the world changes everybody.

Her relationship with Raffe was SO INTENSE. They were moments where the tension was just too much to handle, and others where you were afraid the direction their future together was heading. It was emphasized in this book how different they are, and how them being together would be nearly impossible.

All the characters in this book come full circle! Some that I thought could never find redemption in my eyes suddenly do these incredible things and I’m forced to feel sympathy for them! Other characters completely surprised me! I didn’t know they were capable of what they did!

The book progresses at a fast speed, which leaves little chance for one to stop and continue the book later on. It will be almost impossible for you to stop reading until you reach the end. There are lots of plot twists, and it’s written so cleverly that you don’t realise how much you’ve read until it’s too late. 😉

To be honest, even if the book was perfectly executed, I wouldn’t mind reading more. It was a very slight open ending which beautifully wraps up the series but at the same time leaves room for the imagination. If you haven’t yet gotten into this series, I suggest you do!


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Because I’m so happy with how this series ended, I want to share the love with you guys! So I’m giving you the opportunity to win a copy! I will be giving away an ARC of End of Days (pictured below) OR an ebook of End of Days that will be delivered via Amazon.

Here's the picture of the ARC you could win!
Here’s the picture of the ARC you could win!

The ARC is US ONLY, while the Ebook is International as long as you can receive an Amazon ebook.

To participate, just fill out the Rafflecopter below! You must be 18 or older to participate OR have your parents’ permission. If you lie on a entry you will be DISQUALIFIED. Good luck!

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28 thoughts on “Review: End of Days by Susan Ee + Giveaway!

  1. Okay, I suck so I’ve yet to read World After but I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about this final instalment and I know I have to read this soon I better get started with book 2? I skimmed your review because I want to go in blind but your rating is enough for me!!! I love it when a series ends with a good bang!


  2. Oh I’m so happy that you enjoyed this book! I’m not a huge fan of this series, but it is twisted and unique and pretty cool. I’m glad everything came full circle and that you liked the conclusion to the series! Lovely review ❤

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books


  3. I have read Angelfall and I absolutely adored it! I have World After i waiting for me in my shelf and I would like to win it to marathon the three books!!


  4. I’m really glad you ended up happy with this series, I still have yet to read the first book, haha. The characters and their development and motives sound great, and the pacing seems fantastic! I’ll definitely have to get to Angelfall soon.


  5. Penryn is badass!!! I’m glad that she still is in this book. I love this series so so much I feel like tearing up everytime it was mentioned. I’m glad that it remained it’s epicness ❤ Thanks Marianne for this great review!


  6. Ohhhh, SO EXCITED!! I love the covers soso much. I actually haven’t read World After yet, but it’s on my kindle, just…you know…waiting for me to stop procrastinating and get onto it. XD There are so many books! I get so distracted! AHHHH. Anyway. xD I’m so glad it has a solid and wonderful ending. ^-^


  7. I’m yet to start this series, but now I know it’s over I’ll have to start! I hate playing the waiting game lol great review Marianne, you’ve certainly got me looking forward to a great read!


  8. Glad to hear you loved this one Marianne, I just finished reading it and I was slightly disappointed, although I was pleased to see more development between Penryn and Raffe FINALLY. The ending was beautiful, but yeah the journey getting there was a bit messy. Lovely review!


  9. Yayyy I’m so glad you loved the way this series ended ❤ I still love this series as whole but I wanted the story to be more epic you know? I'm still happy about it though, wonderful review as always.<3 Benish | Feminist Reflections


  10. I’m super happy that this is such a positive review, because I’ve been seeing some pretty negative thoughts on this one lately! D: Which scares me, because even though I have only read ANGELFALL, I want this series to end on a good note. All too often the last book in a series disappoints me (with the exception of CHAMPION by Marie Lu which is actually one of my all time favourite books in the WORLD – my heart – MY HEART). Anyway, so YAY!

    I love it when characters really change, because it keeps everything interesting.

    I’m hoping to binge this series as soon as I get my hands on a copy of END OF DAYS, and I hope I love it as much as you did, Marianne!

    Lovely review ❤


  11. I own the first book in this series and I haven’t read it yet, but all I hear are great things about it so I think I’ll have to get on this bandwagon asap!

    Great review! I really can’t wait to start reading this series!


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