{Movie Review} Pitch Perfect 2

Title: Pitch Perfect 2
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 115 min
Genre: Comedy, Music
Starring: Anna Kendrick | Rebel Wilson | Hailee Steinfeld

After a humiliating command performance at Lincoln Center, the Barden Bellas enter an international competition that no American group has ever won in order to regain their status and right to perform.


Pitch Perfect is the kind of movie you watch in a sleepover with your friends where you all sing along loudly and off-key to all the songs.

Pitch Perfect 2 is no different. This time they brought more than music to the table, and it was actually very interesting to watch.

We get to see the Bellas using their amazing voices to cover popular songs. But we also see the human side to them. Most of them are about to graduate college, and we finally see what their dreams, goals, and aspirations are. It certainly was completely relatable to me, since I’m currently in college and the fears and anxieties of what I’m supposed to do after I graduate are setting in. Those parts certainly gave me a lot of nostalgia. The gals can seriously act.

In this movie, there aren’t many new characters, but we get to see old characters in a completely different light. All the actors were so good in their role! They gave the movie a different depth that wasn’t there before. There were lots of great romantic moments (and not between the people you’d think!) and really great hilarious moments as well.

I think the key to loving this movie is to not take it so seriously. If you go into it with a particular mindset, you’ll end up raging against it. (I know I was for a while).

The problem I encountered with Pitch Perfect 2 was the fact that it tried so hard to be funny, that at times it became insensitive and awkward. There were moments where the humor was just too harsh, too forced. For example, in one of the scenes, a commentator says “and that is what happens when you let women go to college”. I didn’t like this comment at all, because it seemed so out of place. It was so sexist and mysoginistic. There were also racial based jokes, fat shaming, and a couple other really inappropriate jokes.

The one thing I could’ve lived without in the movie…

Thankfully, these jokes where not abundant or too repetitive; they were overshadowed by the actual plot and performances of the Bellas.

All the musical arrangements where brilliant! I have most of the songs stuck in my head and can’t wait to hear them again. 

Overall, while Pitch Perfect 2 had its faults, the spectacular acting, plot, and music do more than make up for them. It was a very nostalgic, fun, and quirky movie that you’ll want to see again.


4 thoughts on “{Movie Review} Pitch Perfect 2

  1. Yay, good to know this one is worth seeing! My favorite part about the first movie was the music so it’s great to know there’s more of that and the performances are still awesome. Some of the humor might bother me as well, but it seems like every movie is like that now :/


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