Review: Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

I absolutely loved this book from the very first sentence I read of it. My friend Gen from Latte Night Reviews was reading when she sent me a few messages where she was fangirling A LOT. As curiosity would have it, I thought of giving it a try. Best decision made.

Emmy was an awesome character with a sense of humor that we can appreciate in every moment of the book. She worried about her friends fiercely, including her childhood friend Oliver. She also stood up for herself by the end of the book and did everything she put her mind into. Emmy is the type of character that you can connect with and understand a lot. She loved surfing more than anything but was afraid of her overprotective parents ever discovering her stress-relief hobby. Ever since the disappearance of Oliver, her next-door neighbor, parents everywhere, specially hers, were extremely cautious with their kids. Emmy suffered from this with curfews, a lot of rules, and the sort. It was so weird to see myself into her shoes with that topic since my parents can be like that sometimes. But it’s also good because you know they care and that’s better than having uncaring parents, in the long run. Emmy was also hates the typical boy pick-up-line about how “she’s not like other girls,” saying that there’s plenty of girls like her and that it didn’t bother her, that it didn’t matter at all. You go girl!

The supporting characters in this book were not 2D and cardboard cutouts for show AT ALL. They actually contributed a lot to the story plot and character development of Emmy and Oliver. We have Emmy’s two best friends who show us the pain of having gone through Oliver’s kidnap. There’s Emmy’s and Oliver’s parents that show the struggle of having lots a kid and how it affects family and friends. And there’s the cute twins Oliver’s mom had when she remarried that are mega fun to read about and giggle at their occurrences.

What I enjoyed the most about this book was how realistic the kidnapping topic was discussed. It wasn’t a simple feat, that as soon as Oliver came home again everything would be all right. He went through a lot of trouble in school with students making fun of him, his mom not knowing who he was, the realization that he lived a lie most of his life, and the aftermath of his disappearance and return. It was all very brutal and it leaves you thinking a lot after reading the book. It made the story feel more realistic and not just another fiction story.

Now that ending, I cried at that ending even though it wasn’t sad. No one died, no one did stupid things, nothing. It was bittersweet and left me with the desire to have more to read of Emmy and Oliver. They both made a cute friendship and later a couple that was reconnecting after the possibility of never seeing each other again, even though they knew each other since they were newborns.

This book was impossibly beautiful. Thought-provoking, it makes you think about the future, the meaning of real friends and trusting in your family even if you think they won’t agree with you. The romance will have your toes curling and the humor will make you laugh out loud every time. Simply a wonderful book. Definitely have to try other books by this author.

Rating: 5 stars



6 thoughts on “Review: Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway

  1. Ok, now I’m compelled to go and buy this one hahah It sounds amazing. And I like Emmy already! I’m definitely in need of a thought-provoking book with some great character’s and a decent plot right now. So this one is definitely going on my TBR list.

    As always, lovely review, Jen!


    1. Woo that’s awesome ❤ This is definitely the book for you 😉 If you have Edelweiss, I think it's still up for request if you're interested!

      And thanks for reading and commenting ❤


  2. Wow, this sounds so incredible poignant, yet hopefully and realistic. I’ve seen a few reviews for this one this week all singing it’s praises and your review has me excited to grab a copy too. I love well developed and hashed out characters, nothing like wooden characters to send a book spiraling downwards for me. Brilliant review Jen, can’t wait to grab a copy! ❤


  3. I just read another review on how wonderful this book is, and I love the sound of Emmy’s strong character! The kidnapping in it would definitely make me thinkand it sounds like it was very emotional. Lovely review Jennifer!


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