Review: Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally

Jesse’s Girl was a very sweet and cute romance that had me pinning for both Jesse and Maya from the very beginning.

I was a bit wary of Jesse at first because of his jerk attitude but as the story progresses we know that it’s a defense mechanism put into him after all the years of being a famous singer. He is actually very sweet, thoughful, concerned about those he cares about, passionate with his music, but also selfless as he says he wants to leave the music industry to try and fix his relationship with his family. Even though they don’t deserve it for being so apathetic about their son’s career and basically bad parents.

Maya was an interesting strong character, I dare say rare, because she had so much passion and desire to do her music that by the end she conquered her fear of singing solo. At first, she would waver and sing horribly because of her nerves, so she formed a band where she could sing backup vocals. But things turn bad in the band, forcing her to reach out and face head-on the fears to make her dreams come true.

Another great thing about this book was the family theme presented from two sides. On one side we have Jesse, who’s parents are absent, opposing, uncaring of his career and his dream, and complete bastards that let Jesse down even on Thanksgiving and other holidays to share together. On the other side we have Maya with a strong bond with her whole family. Her parents love her immensely and support her in everything she needs, stay by her side through thick and thin, but also put down the foot when needed. Then there’s her older brother, Sam, and a younger sister, that love Maya very much and would do anything for her, plus play the role of annoying siblings whenever possible. It really made me think about how different families can be and the importance of having them, even if it’s very small, because of the important roles they can play in your whole life like with these two characters.

By the end of the book there was a singing competition part that I didn’t like at all. It has romance and heart-touching moments, but it didn’t convince me. It felt rushed and dismissed even though it had a lot of significance to Maya and Jesse. Something bad happened, a quick resolution was made, and then we don’t know what really happened and left me really bummed because it made all the past stuff about the competition feel stupid and irrelevant by the end.

Regardless of the end, the rest of the book was very enjoyable and cute. The romance was slowly built between these two characters that made it even better when they FINALLY got together. At moments it had me laughing, snickering, squealing with joy, and smiling at how great this read was. This was my first time reading a title by this author, so I didn’t know that Sam and Jordan, from the first book in the series Catching Jordan, would appear here. No major spoilers, but it’s a nice addition to anyone who’s a fan of those two. They have me wanting to read their book even more now. Definitely worth giving this book a try. PLUS the titles of each chapter had me singing because they were songs. Like I Knew You Were Trouble, Battlefield, and many others. Plus the very title of the book is like a song called Jessie’s Girl, though not related in the least. This book will have you smiling and singing all through it.

Rating: 5 stars


2 thoughts on “Review: Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally

  1. The fact that this book still got 5 Stars from you even though there’s a part you didn’t enjoy says something about this book! I’m not a huge fan of rockstar romances but the characters here sound so likeable that I’m willing to try it out! Awesome review Jennifer!


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