Review: The Empath by Erica Crouch

Okay, how is it that an 128 page e-book managed to be so completely awesome?! 

I’ve convinced myself that Erica Crouch isn’t human. It’s completely impossible to write such amazing things EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. But she does! Every. Time. It’s like she crawls into your brain and writes exactly what you want to read.

I absolutely adored this novella. Everything about it was perfection. We have Odessa, a psychic badass. She can read tarot cards and palms, do séances, speak to spirits, and many more things! She’s awesome. I loved Odessa’s personality. She started off as a subdued and shy girl, and ended up becoming an independent, fierce, and amazing person.

In fact, all the characters here are wonderfully written. They all have a purpose in the story, and are all so individual, you never have a problem identifying them in the story.

My favorite part, however, was the paranormal part. It was so eerie! I absolutely loved reading all the details.

It’s a demon […] It sings, it whispers in my ear. It touches my cheek, runs through my hair, takes hold of my waist.

Why was it so short?! I reached the last page and wanted to read so much more! I wasn’t ready to let go of Odessa’s story!

This is a book filled with mystery, magic, supernatural elements, and even *whispers* murder. Pick this up. Seriously. It’s only 128 pages, but it’ll feel like so many more! 


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5 thoughts on “Review: The Empath by Erica Crouch

  1. That cover just looks so awesome though! I stared at it for a moment longer than I should have….(but shhh.) It seems like there’s a lot going on and I love a relatable set of characters along with a refreshingly unique plotline. Glad you enjoyed this one so much! Awesome review.♡


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