Review: Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda was truly a marvelous story from the beginning until end. I could feel the child inside of me rejoice at all the occurrences of Matilda and funny bits the narrator mentioned. I would also feel that bubbling frustration I’ve had since seeing the movie when I was a kid at seeing how horrible Matilda’s parents were, not to mention the malevolent Miss Trunchbull. Every description of her made me want to shudder.

Matilda was smarter than I ever imagined, with her silent understanding of things and comprehension beyond anyone her age. It was so much that Miss Honey simply knew she had to do something for that girl’s brain to feel challenged.

I was also so amazed at what a crook was Matilda’s dad, Mr. Wormwood! He would put sawdust into the cars, change the mileage, and tell everyone the say lie about how it was an almost-new car he was selling when it was actually trash. And what a patriarch he was! He wouldn’t pay attention to things Matilda would do, complain about her reading, say she lied if she answered correctly on a math problem, and then plainly call her stupid! Gah I wanted to hit that man so hard in the head at the atrocities.

And the mother! All she cared about was how she looked and would say that brains got you nowhere. She told this to Matilda and then insulted Miss Honey telling her how Miss Honey had books and look at how she was, and Mrs. Wormwood had beauty and she was married and with money. Simply atrocious.

This book is an inspiration for readers of all ages, specially those who don’t appreciate Literature. You can feel the love Matilda has for reading seeping through the pages and make all book lovers sigh in contentment at the descriptions of worlds unimaginable, adventures, and the overall enjoyment of a good book to read through the afternoon.

My mom loves the movie and I’m gonna make her read this. They are both pretty similar, but each has its own unique charm. Matilda is the  type of book everyone should read and marvel at the beauty of the words it contains. Simple, yet extraordinary, just like Matilda herself.

Rating: 4.5 stars



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